Engineering is the scientific discipline of acquiring and applying technical and mathematical knowledge to design and implement machines, systems, materials and processes. There are various branches of engineering such as civil, mechanical, electronics, materials, chemicals, etc. If your business needs help with engineering tasks such as drafting, documentation, research work, or other, then our talented and experienced engineering freelancer will give you the best service ever. Connect with talented engineering freelancers simply by posting your engineering project today!

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    Nous sommes une entreprise de développement de logiciel de payment et nous sommes à la recherche d'un programmeur avec de l'expérience pour intégrer notre mode de payment dans WIX

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    I have some of the code that is needed however I am not too sure if I am doing it correctly. I will include below! #include <stdio.h> struct merch { int descrip; int ItemNum; int price; int MemGb; }; struct customer { char name[20]; int clientnumber; }; int main() { printf("Welcome to the Apple Store! n"); printf("Here is the list of our current merchandise: n"); // display merch list using function printf("Would you like to buy a new phone? n"); printf("1. Yes n2. No n"); scanf("%s",custAns) if (custAns, "1") ==0){ printf("Please enter customer number: n"); scanf("%s", clientnumber); int customer = 0; ...

    €10 - €31
    €10 - €31
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    Signals processing tutorials and problems preparation

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    Not a project but like work want to done

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    I need a starter replaced on my vehicle ASAP. I am located in Jonesboro and can provide the starter but would prefer if someone could pick it up on the way for me.

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    Create three labs for the following courses: IT CompTIA 1101 Computer Hardware & Troubleshooting Example: Lab 1: *Take apart the motherboard Step 1 Take the case of the Desktop Tower Step 2: Examine the components Step:3 Remove the cooling heat sink Etc... *Check list Step1: After putting your computer together check for errors Step2 etc.. Example: Lab 2: 1) Lab Project 2) Checklist Example Lab 3: 1) Lab Project 2) Checklist IT CompTIA 1102 Computer Concepts and Applications Example Lab 1: Lab Project Checklist Example Lab 2: Lab Project Checklist Example Lab 3: Lab Project Checklist IT CompTIA 1103 Computer Networking Concepts Example Lab 1: Lab Project Checklist Example Lab 2: Lab Project Checklist Checklist Example Lab 3: Lab Project Checklist You may get idea...

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    The general idea is that you need to implement an error model that accurately models the errors from real-world devices, for example GPS measurements. Suppose you have an absolutely accurate position X. You need to calculate X' = X + error. You need to design the error model that returns the value of "error" that you need to add to the X, so that the error from the real-world is represented in the simulation.

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    We have a trucking company. We already have all of our programming on google sheets. I am looking for someone to help us maintain and create new features that we may need.

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    Mechanical Engineer ing Sys tems requir ement funct ional template

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    I own and operate an ISP in Rural Alabama. Some of our expansion plans require the installation of utility poles on state right-of-way. I have learned that to install poles on said right-of-way, we need to submit a drawing of where the poles will be for a permit, and said drawing needs to comply with state rules for where poles should be in said right-of-way.

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    Avem in lucru mai multe proiecte unde avem de efectuat Auditul Energetic Industrial cautam colaboratori, de preferat din Bucuresti

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    Hello Urgent need small project on Automata and Turing Machine . Please apply ASAP if you can start it urgently after hiring Thanks

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    I am writing an article now, and I need to calculate (EPBT), I found an equation on the Internet, and it is ( EPBT)en =Ein/ Enout ) I need ways to calculate it with clear steps with an example, not a ready-made answer. Note that I have two solar panels, the first gives (30 kWh) and the second (25 kWh) for one year. If anyone knows the answer, message me. With respect

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    you will complete the program and classes that you can found on zip file to achieve the requirements on pdf file by using Java language

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    we have project need to be solid work modified

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    Math expert needed 6 jours left

    I need someone whos expert in finite mathematics and linear modeling, for more info please pm me

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    I have a project in windsor ontario canada, im looking for a licensed ontario architect to help me submit the plan to the city of windsor.

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    living off grid 5 jours left

    Money saving tips on how to live off the grid. Power generators, fuel, growing food, solar, hot water

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    I’m in need of someone to work on this job in three days

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    more info will b shared in chat

    €7 - €19
    €7 - €19
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    I need few people to build me a good website

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    Looking for an engineer who can make for me Flow charts & Gantt charts Urgent

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    should have experience with gp and pso and need to solve some questions

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    I have a property in Black Hawk that I want to put a container home as the main structure. The container home is 40' x 10'. I'm wanting to put it on 6 pillars, approximately 1' off the ground. I'd like to speak with you about your creating a structural engineering drawing for this.

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    レンタルスペースサイトの構築(日本語サイト表示)をお願いします。 屋外の広場(約2000㎡)があり1日単位(宿泊タイプと似ている)で希望のスペースタイプ/スペースサイズを選択しいただきスペースをレンタルする予定です。 必要なページ ・TOP/料金表示/地図 ・利用規約 ・Q&A ・問合せフォーム ・運営者情報 必要な機能 ・スペースメニュー設定 ・会員登録と会員管理機能 ・予約/キャンセル機能と予約/キャンセル管理機能 ・オプション商品選択機能 ・決済機能 ・メール送信機能 その他の要望 ・CMS化 ・サーバー設置/ドメイン設定 画像はこちらで用意します。 SEO対策、メンテナンス性、管理性に優れたサイトを構築することを希望します。 その他のプロフェッショナルな方の意見、提案があれば助かります。

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can prepare/add MCQs in a prescribed format in Microsoft word. Syllabus is Chemistry of NEET /JEE. Every MCQ should carry a Hint and Explanation. Kindly note that students who have appeared or cracked NEET are eligible for this job. I need a freelancer who can spend 2 to 3 hours daily on this. I have factorized the syllabus into topics and sub-topics. Freelancers should create MCQs on those points and sub-topics. I have some MCQs ready, and freelancers have to add missing copy paste freelancers .Fr

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    We want to have a HVAC System Design for a Research Laboratory Building situated in Cairo, Egypt. The Project should contain Heat Load Calculation, Equipment Selection and Various Other Details. The new thing with this project will be to Calculate the Heat Load under 2 Situation (Normal & Sustainable). The Sustainable Situation will contain how we can adopt new methods or tools to reduce the Heating Load. This may contain use of Different Windows, Installation of Solar Panels

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    Structural engineering 5 jours left

    Need proper engineering and structural plans done for an Australian mezzanine floor - using materials we already have

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    Sales Report 5 jours left

    Monthly Sales report percentage calculation

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    Sales Report -- 2 5 jours left

    Monthly Sales report percentage calculation

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    windmiller 5 jours left

    i have plans that need updated in the city of pickerington. they need to be restamped a full set of plans. I need them stamped and may need revision. they need to be approved and found to be compelte for building this project. I need a full set of plans civil, building mechanical electrical

    €4010 (Avg Bid)
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    I need Analysis and calculation of Frame metal tempory buidling. low budget more info in DM

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    Hello Freelancers, I am looking for a Python Expert for a civil engineering task. I need some programs to be coded as per the guidelines. Please bid if you are good at python

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    HVAC, Plumbing, and electrical drawings/plans.

    €971 (Avg Bid)
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    abaqus expert needed, easy task 4 jours left

    more info will b shared in chat

    €7 - €19
    Scellé LDN
    €7 - €19
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    I'm looking for guidance on whether I can add support to exterior footings of an 11x31 pergola to eliminate the need for interior footings. The pergola will be attached to a building, on one 31' side and has 4 support legs on the unattached 31' side. We are able to create the footings for the exterior 2 legs, but to create footings for the interior 2 legs would damage an existing new patio. We were told we could increase the load bearing capacity of the footings for the exterior legs to eliminate the need for footings for the interior legs. Is this possible? If so, what would we need?

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    well control and drilling rig 4 jours left

    Trainer for advance well control and drilling rig… good who working as rig manager or operation manger … Thanks

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    For 150 sq feet This Quick service Pizza concept cloud /Ghost kitchen 3rd parties, pick up only

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    I would like to implement an Idea that I have to make a semi truck powertrain more efficient by converting from diesel to Electric direct drive motors. [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] and I can explain in better detail of what I would need

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    HART pressure transmitters for configuration via a distributed control system (DCS) or HART communicator. HART pressure transmitters are compatible with the Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) communication protocol which is the most popular standard used with smart field devices by the process control industry. HART functionality enables the transfer of pressure transmitter data via an AC digital signal which uses the 4-20mA analogue output signal as a carrier, thus eliminating the need for extra wires and connectors.

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    starmaker 4 jours left

    starmaker star tressure next round trick

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    Qualified and Experienced Engineering Technical Writing Professional to write a report on the "end-of-life recycling of the automobiles in united arab emirates, a feasibility study" you must be good with process flow charts and hardware demonstration urgnet work to be done in 3 days Thanks

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    Hello, I am looking to hire an experienced Design Mechanical Engineer. We are looking to automate something. More details would be provided during discussion. Deliverables would be: 1) Part drawings with dimensions 2) 3D model 3) BOM 4) GD&T 5) Complete analysis and simulations

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    I require a mechanical engineer to prepare a preliminary design for the purpose of DA submission for a small mixed-use project including 2 storeys of commercial + 4 apartments total on 2 storeys, and 1 level of basement parking.

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    Computer Science Questions 4 jours left

    Hi Freelancers, We need experts for solving Computer Science questions. Engineering students or BCA/MCA students or freshers in Computer Science branch are preferred. New freelancers are welcomed. You can solve unlimited number of questions at any of the day suitable for you. Indians are preferred and Delhi NCR people are highly preferred.

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    we have been given Wi-Fi extenders by our broadband supplier to help with a number of black spots in our house but we need help installing these. Postcode GU22 0DH

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    Expert for Cement Plant of 6500 TPD in erection stage.

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    I would need a quadcopter drone put together having motors, escs, battery, and so on without a frame and sent to me. Everything would already be connected together and ready to go ,without the need for calibration, using a remote control at the flip of a switch. The motors would need to be high torque and be as flat or least in height as possible. They would need to have the metal shaft already attached and preferably a threaded shaft. The bottom of the motor would preferably be flat too.

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    €358 Offre moyenne
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