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Freelancer Showcase

Freelancer Showcase is a compilation of successful projects and contests of freelancers on the site and any completed work originally created by freelancers. Items listed on the Showcase page have been personally reviewed by our team in order maintain a first-rate collection.

For freelancers, being showcased is the best way to highlight your skills. Your work will be seen by employers looking for new project ideas. If they like what you offer, they can hire you immediately.

You can submit a request to showcase your work by following these steps:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Go to the Showcase page by any of these two ways:

A. Click the grid icon next to your profile picture thumbnail at the upper right corner of your Dashboard and select Showcase; or

Showcase from menu

B. Hover your mouse over Hire Freelancers and under Discover, select Showcase.


3. Click Submit a Showcase.

 4. Upload a quality image of your work.


5. Fill in all required fields: type of showcase, title, description, budget, category and sub-category (which will appear after you select a category for your showcase). 

7. Click Upload Showcase. 

Once submitted, all requests will be reviewed by our team to ensure that we have the best of the best. You can check the status of your showcase request by going to My Showcases.

Consider the Freelancer Showcase as an exhibit of excellent work done via our platform. Read more. 


For employers, with Freelancer Showcase, you can find popular project ideas and the best freelancers to hire without delay. All details about each project – such as its summary, duration, and total budget – can be reviewed just by clicking the item.

Once you find the project that you want, simply hire the freelancer to get the work done or even choose to repost the project!

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