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I was awarded a project that I did not place a bid on

Hire Me Project


Hire Me projects allow clients to offer their projects directly to freelancers they worked with in the past or to those whom they found by browsing the Browse Freelancer page.


You can either accept or reject a Hire Me project offer within 36 hours of awarding before it expires.





If you click Reject, you will be asked a reason for rejecting the offer, or you may choose to make counter offer for the project’s budget and deadline.





You can remove yourself from the Browse Freelancers page if you do not wish to be hired directly by clients:

  1.  Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar, and click Settings.
  2.  Select the Account tab.
  3.  Under Directory and Follow Settings, slide the List me on the Freelancer directory, allowing Employers to hire me directly for projects toggle off.




A quotation that you send to a client turns into a project once the client accepts it. A Hire Me project is automatically awarded to you and accepted by you as soon as your client accepts your quote. 



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