Smart Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

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It’s a lot easier for people to talk nicely about a product they bought if the experience is both empowering and satisfying. The journey they went through before the product landed on their hands could sometimes be more unforgettable than the product itself.


They already know it’s an awesome product (they wouldn’t buy if it isn’t). They search about it, find out how to purchase it (found your store), and set their foot on that precious buying process.


Your existing customers could bring you multiples of potential buyers if they had a delightful customer experience with your business.


What is Customer Experience?


Customer experience (CX) describes the relationship between a business and a customer. It sums up all the experiences the customer earned by interacting with the business.


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Why is Customer Experience important?


CX is important because:

1. It supports customer acquisition

2. It increases customer satisfaction

3. It generates higher customer referral rates

4. It drives customer loyalty

5. It improves customer retention


What can your business do to improve your CX?


If you can create a highly differentiated experience for your customers -- turning something awful to something divine -- you will be gaining legions of them who will be raving about their experience, and recommend you to their circles.


Maybe it’s time to take a look at the kind of customer experience your business is creating. These tips could help you out:


Check your website usability


It would be easier if you truly know who your customers are, much more if you’ve created your buyer personas. Are you selling to millennials or baby boomers? Your website usability shouldn’t make them feel like going on a scavenger hunt. Make purchasing from your online shop a walk in the park.


Engage with your customers on social media


Giving them an avenue to talk and share about their experience makes them feel valuable. Having the chance to be heard is an uplifting experience for your customers. If you’re afraid of getting negative feedback, then don’t give them any reason to give you one.


Highlight the value that you’re offering


Are your existing customers the same customers you’d still be targeting five years from now? People change and so are their needs. If your product can give value to everyone regardless of age, then that’s good. But if your product or service is specific to a particular age group, how will you emphasize its value to them today and in the years to come?


Look for stuff you can personalize


To make your customers feel special, try to personalize some stuff like your packaging or your email marketing campaign. You can also give coupons for your customers on their birthdays. These little experiences could make them feel closer and connected to your brand.


Tug on your customers’ heartstrings


The best way to give them an unforgettable experience with your brand is to stir their feelings and emotions - the positive ones. If you make them feel happy, confident, motivated, they will appreciate your brand even more.


Meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations increase loyalty and satisfaction. If you want to improve your customer experience, take these tips to mind and post a project for any help you need from our talented freelancers.



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