How to Hire The Perfect Freelance Content Writer

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Unless you are a content writing professional it’s fair to say you might want to take a wide berth from writing your own content for your website, blog or next marketing campaign.

While it may be tempting to go out on your own and write your own content, unless you are experienced and have the know-how, it’s probably a better idea to spend your time on something else in your business that you specialize in and leave the content to the experts. 

If you’re looking to hire the bee's knees of content writers, we’ve jotted down a few tips for how to find the perfect freelance writer to help get your business firing on all cylinders online.

What is a Content Writer? 

A content writer specializes in written content and is experience in a variety of content writing styles including blog posts, social media posts, website content, newspaper articles, magazine features, white papers and much more.

Good content writers understand the craft of creating high-quality content that appeals to a specific audience including customers, leads, investors, and stakeholders and are focused on rich content and online content that is SEO optimized.

Content writers live and breathe SEO-rich content and can mould words into inspiring copy that gets target audiences to stand up and take notice.

What's The Difference Between a Content Writer And a Copywriter?

The big difference between a content writer and a copywriter is a hotly contested discussion point in the marketing world.

The main difference between the two is that a copywriter is usually more focused on short-form advertising content and specializes in straplines, headlines or press ads. On the other hand, a content writer is more of a long-form specialist in copy that works on SEO-optimised style content.

Clear as mud?

A copywriter is focused on evoking emotion and personal connection through the words, while a content writer is focused on SEO and a more unique style of writing that is focused on optimising results online. 

There are crossovers, so it can be a challenge to decipher the difference. Ideally if you can find a freelancer who is skilled at both you’re onto a winner.

Skills of a Great Freelance Content Writer 

There is no doubt content writers should be a chameleon of sorts and able to do a myriad of tasks. In today’s competitive landscape of content writers, freelance writers should have the following skills:

  • Able to work to a brief and independently
  • A solid grip on grammar and languages including UK English and US English
  • Able to express ideas in a logical manner
  • Able to edit and ensure the flow works for the audience
  • Able to work to a deadline
  • Creates 100% unique content
  • Able to write in a variety of tones depending on the target market
  • Able to write on a wide variety of subjects
  • Strong knowledge or the ability to research  
  • Understands SEO and the value of keywords
  • Able to write a wide variety of content for all forms of marketing and sales

Why do You Need a Content Writer For Your Business? 

Content writing is an element of any good businesses marketing strategy and, done well, can drive some serious amounts of inquiries, leads and sales to your business.

An efficient content writer can do the following things for your business:

  • Broaden your audience and give you quality backlinks – this is a big feature of content writing. High-value backlinks allow businesses to increase sales and boost search rankings, never underestimate the value of great backlinks on your site.
  • Increase site rankings and conversions – content that is convincing will boost the chances of a website visitor staying on your page a tad longer or, better yet, linking, sharing or bookmarking your content.
  • Increase social media engagement – if you love the idea of boosting your reputation on social media sites or online in general good content can help you to kick some serious goals. Writing articles that can be promoted on pages such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites can be a top-notch way to boost your business.
  • Reduce the waffle or unnecessary ‘noise’ from wasted content – content writers know how to cut through the waffle, so you only include keywords and essential information that encourages your target customers to act and engage with your brand.
  • Take the workload off business owners so they can focus on what they do best – this is probably the clincher, what business owner has time to sit down and write quality, SEO-rich content themselves in any case. Engaging a freelancer content writer to do this on your behalf will save you money and time in the long run, so you’re not spending hours writing something you aren’t experienced in.

How do I Find The Perfect Content Writer For my Needs?

Content writers are a lifesaver for your business and engaging a freelance content writer is affordable, and an effective way to get your content sorted so you can kick goals for your business in the digital world.

If you’ve made the decision to go ahead and find a freelance content writer it’s important to draft up a game plan, so you find the perfect writer for your business needs.

Take some time out and consider exactly what you want out of the project and include information in your job post such as:

  • Business information – What does your business do exactly? be super specific and don’t beat around the bush. Give a clear understanding to the freelance content writers bidding on the job what your business does, how it fills a need and how you are different from your competitors.
  • Outline what you need to be done – Do you need your website content written or do you need some blog written? Be clear about exactly what you need so the freelance content writers can bid and gauge how long it will take them to complete your project.
  • Add a time frame – If your project is urgent and you need it turned around in a day, it’s important to be clear about what is expected. Amazing freelance content writers are in demand so if you find one that comes well recommended you might just need to be a tad flexible to engage their services.
  • Specific requirements – Do you need a content writer that can write in Spanish or a techie content writer that understands the ins and outs of business lingo? Be specific what you need in this section and be clear if you have any deal breaking requirements, so you only get people bidding that have the experience you need.

Ready to Hire an Amazing Content Writer?

Finding the perfect content writer doesn’t need to be difficult.

Talented content writers are plentiful if you know where to look and with a great project brief and a quick search you could be on the way to word wizardry so you can showcase your product or service, driving business and boosting your sales.

Whether you need website content written for your business or a cracker of a blog to help drive business, a content writer can create the perfect content that helps to get your business noticed online. makes hiring the best talent easy! Whether it’s graphic design, copywriting, website development or data entry you’ll find the perfect match for your business needs.

Post a project today, and receive bids within seconds.


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