100+ MacBook PSD And Vector Mockups Ready For You To Use

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First impressions are important, and the designers work to create the best first impression they can. As they say, “Imagination is more important than knowledge!”

The same applies when you can channel your client’s imagination exactly the way want to, then back that vision up with knowledge and a clear display of conviction. ‘Before you make your point clear, make the picture clear’ - and mock-ups are the best tool in your arsenal to achieve this

3 pro in design MacBook pro mock-ups

High-resolution encompasses the essence of your design. This collection of 3 mock-ups includes a Macbook against a wall, and on a wooden desk.

  • Price: Free

29 MacBook and iPad Photo Mockups

This roll of 29 ready-to-show-off mock-ups with brand new 13-inch retina templates, is a thing of handcrafted beauty. Creator’s quirky photos are dropped with Smart Object layer; you just need to open, paste, and save.

  • Price: $19

iPad & Macbook 9 trending photo mock-ups

Templates that radiate a trend, this parcel of 9 modish mock-ups are set beautifully. Boost your presentation with an element of authenticity to it, all ready to show off.

  • Price: $17

Beauty brought to Table Mock-up

The latest 2016/2017 MacBook Pro with ‘Touch Bar' and a jet-black iPhone add charm to the scene. Graphic designs for Mac OS and iPhones exhibit well with this mock-up PSD to pitch your client's brand.

  • Price: Free

A Pack of Jack in design Mock-ups

This is a high resolution and smart object feature in 20 mock-up templates with varied angles and lookouts.

  • Price: $14

Fresh feel PSD MacBook Mock-up

Displaying professional zeal with a homely feel, this refreshing home office mock-up is fully editable, exhibiting a 3088 X 2056 resolution.

  • Price: $6

Desktop Scene Mock-up best for social media

The mind feels what comes to the eye, and this catchy template depicts that perfectly. This is a Macbook mock-up ready to bring attention to your website headers, blogs, social media flyers.

  • Price: $8

MacBook, iPhone and iPad Mock-ups

This is a collection of Fab Five, favoring a simple and elegant design. Two MacBook, two for iPhone, and one for iPad are all set to present your designs just as you need them.

  • Price: $5

MacBook PSD Mock-up creative

Set in a high-quality office scene, this mockup has 3088 X 2056 resolution. And for MacBook Pro, an amazing 1280x800 pixels.

  • Price: $4

MacBook on minimal desk

With minimal decor, this simple mock-up epitomises your love for minimal distractions when you are at work. This template supports designs for website headers, social media, and more.

  • Price: $3

MacBook Pro Retina Mock-up

It features fully editable shadows and reflections over the smart objects layer provided with PSD.

  • Price: $7

Mock-up MacBook on the desk

This mock-up embeds a simple design with a stylish background. A realistic look with little to be edited and the best to show off.

  • Price: $4

5 PSD Mock-up MacBook Brainstorming

Portraying a dedicated environment, this MacBook “brainstorming” mock-up will allow you to set your design in a working environment. It renders 5 smart layered PSDs with high resolution.

  • Price: $15

iMac MacBook iPhone Mock-up

All you wish for your design to drop into - iMac Retina 5k, MacBook, iPhone 6 in one pack. This is a classic opportunity for your responsive web and app designs.

  • Price: $5

MacBook Pro Front Mock-up

Adaptive to any customization, this MacBook Pro mock-up can fit exactly with your brand. It is high quality and smartly layered, with the offer of prime features.

  • Price: $4

MacBook 2015 Mock-up

Color customization of your choice from silver, space gray or gold with an option to switch layers, this MacBook 2015 mock-up is stylish in its own way.

  • Price: $3

Workspace Mock-up Set 2 of 8

This is a set of 8 different mock-ups for both MacBook & iMac, depicting a workplace atmosphere.

  • Price: $10

10 Real Photo Apple Device Mock-ups

Reality appeals so much more with these 10 realistic high-resolution photos. Several mock-ups including MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air, iPhone 5S, and iPad.

  • Price: $8

Flat Responsive Apple Web Mock-ups

Black and white are the best choice to convey images in the clearest way.

These flat design mock-ups of iPhone 6, iPad Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac are ideal for web-based designs, with 10 pre-made combinations added.

  • Price: $6

Retro Workspace Mock-up

One of a kind, this retro design mock-up stands out, pervading a unique feel for your layout. This MacBook Pro mock-up presents your advertising in a clean and stylish manner.

  • Price: $10

MacBook Pro - 8 Photo Mock-ups

This bundle of 8 photo mock-ups has a simple design, which leaves so much to the imagination.

  • Price: $16

6 MacBook In House Mock-ups

This is a high-quality MacBook Pro mock-up, shot in 4 rooms; bedroom, office, hall, and dining room.

  • Price: $10

20 PSD Mock-ups Bundle Exclusive

This package contains high-res 5 MacBookPro, 11 iPad, 11 iPhone, 5 smart watch mock-ups and provides 20 fully layered PSD files. What else could you ask for?

  • Price: $20

Apple Mock-ups Creator

Promote your professional creativity with this Apple mock-up creator, and save both time and money. 28 layered mock-ups combine in this package, so you are all set for a unique personalization experience.

  • Price: $16

MacBook Mock-up

A perfect match for brand and web designs, this realistic photo mock-up of the MacBook Air is hard to ignore.

  • Price: $5

Flat MacBook Air Mock-up

This Flat MacBook Air mock-up is full vector-based, scalable, and has editable PSD. Just clip your screenshot to the mask provided, and you are ready to go.

  • Price: $3

Christmas MacBook Pro Mock-up

Merry as its name, this Christmas background MacBook Pro mock-up features photo-realistic PSD. A party-themed package that can create website design in the best way.

  • Price: $4

Elegant MacBook Mock-ups

Style is the key to design, and this workspace collection is a clear winner. Exhibit your website, blog, and portfolio with these five versatile MacBook mock-ups.

  • Price: $15

8 MacBook Retro Moc-ups

This pack contains 8 different MacBook mock-ups with different backgrounds and angles, displaying retro originality.

  • Price: $20

Responsive Mock-up

Responsive and customizable mock-ups like this are a perfect match for your presentations. This features Apple design pioneers, coming together in one place.

  • Price: $14

13 MacBook Pro B&W & Color Bundle

This high-res and quality mock-up has an authentic black and white theme, thus rendering a different style across the board. It’s a perfect show-off, with two different shots of the 13" MacBook Pro.

  • Price: $5

MacBook Air PSD Template

This is a simple and elegant MacBook Air mock-up PSD, beautifully featured alongside a straightforward presentation.

  • Price: Free

Freebie MacBook Air PSD

This engaging mock-up design is free and ready to load to the MacBook Air.

  • Price: Free

The New MacBook PSD Mock-up

This latest mock-up outshines many with its newly designed MacBook Pro PSD. And it's free!

  • Price: Free

Gold MacBook Vector

This sleek gold edition of new MacBook Pro can be scaled to any resolution. It’s perfectly compatible with any modern design.

  • Price: Free

Free Mock-up MacBook Air

This artistic MacBook Air mockup is simple and easy to drop your design into.

  • Price: Free

Hip MacBook Pro Mock-up

A stylish masterpiece crafted for the best, this unique MacBook Pro mock-up is a bit more than awesome.

  • Price: $4

2015 MacBook Pro Retina

This high-res and fully editable mock-up PSD includes interfaces with around 200+ individual layers. PNGs and icons for both Windows and Mac OS X are also added.

  • Price: Free

MacBook Pro PSD Template

This high Retina display resolution of 2880x1800 @300 DPI offered has an amazing layout, and is completely free.

  • Price: Free

MacBook Pro Moc-up PSD

This lovely MacBook Pro mock-up was released as part of UI Space launch.

  • Price: Free

6 MacBook “In House” Mock-ups

This aesthetic high-quality MacBookPro mock-up is ideal for web and app designs which promote replaceable Smart Object screens.

  • Price: $10

Apple MacBook 2015 Mock-up PSD

Accounting for its value, this Apple MacBook 2015 is provided as a PSD mock-up.

  • Price: Free

Sleek Apple Product Mock-ups

Let the design do the talking, and these adorably-realistic 3D mock-ups of iPhone, iPad, MacBook/MacBook Pro, and iMac won’t disappoint you.

  • Price: $7

MacBook Pro Retina Display PSD

A gem from Premium Pixels, this Retina MacBook Pro is a fully layered mock-up.

  • Price: Free

MacBook Pro and Coffee Mug

This is an artistic and easy-to-use MacBook Pro mock-up, which lets you showcase your web/app designs with its photorealistic feature. Put your logo on the coffee cup!

  • Price: Free

Hero Header Realistic Mock-up

A mixture of realistic creativity and professional touch, this mock-up PSD is unique and easy to customize.

  • Price: $3

Smart Layer MacBook Pro PSD

This MacBook Pro Retina mock-up features a smart layer that blends effortlessly with your designs.

  • Price: Free

5 MacBook Air Screen Skins

This bundle of five high-quality MacBook Air screen mock-ups stands out in terms of design and beautiful layout.

  • Price: $10

15 Scalable MacBook Pro Mock-ups PSD

This is a MacBookPro, with retina display, pixel-perfect and photorealistic mock-up. There are fifteen of them, and they are all free.

  • Price: Free

3 MacBook Finishes (+Freebie)

This quick and easy, smart object-layered mock-up is most preferred for showcasing app and web designs.

  • Price: $9

MacBook Pro in Peace

A cafe scene depicts the calm environment for work, and this mock-up presents a good facsimile of the same.

  • Price: $4

Smart MacBook Air Mock-up

This simple yet smart mock-up gives a soothing look and feel to your designs.

  • Price: Free

MacBook Pro Markup Mock-up

This mock-up is a cart for your design; just put it in place and the MacBook screen presents itself.

  • Price: $10

Glossy Retina MacBook Pro PSD

Graceful and modish, this reflective mock-up is unique in its own way.

  • Price: Free

MacBook Cover for PSD Mock-up Skin

Wallpapers with realistic designs, this mock-up lets you unfold the covers and the smart layers too.

  • Price: $4

MacBook Pro 13 Quality Shot

This ready-to-show-off high-quality mockup fits perfectly for a website, app or media design.

  • Price: $10

Apple MacBook 2015 Mock-up

This very first mock-up set of the new MacBook is shot at multiple angles and shines from every one.

  • Price: $8

MacBook Pro Hipster Mock-up

Easy to use and ready to present, this is a premium photo-realistic mock-up, living up to its name.

  • Price: $4

MacBook Pro Photorealistic set

Realistic photos are tempting, and this brand new set of mock-ups adds some design filters to enhance that.

  • Price: Free

20 PSD Mock-ups to present

20 photorealistic PSD mock-ups (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) are bundled together for you to present your web and apps in an easy and efficient way.

  • Price: $25

Serene Terrace Scene Mock-up

For a calm vista of a terrace with a coffee on the side, this is the mock-up for you!

  • Price: Free

PSD Retina Mock-up Feel free to pack

A complete package of PSD iMac & MacBook Retina mock-ups, all set and ready to download.

  • Price: Free 

MacBook Pro Hero Headers Mock-ups

Your presentation should grab your client's attention, and this collection aims to do exactly that.

  • Price: $20

Flat PSD Vector Mock-up - It’s different

A different version of a flat design mock-up in a PSD and Vector template, aptly suitable for iMac and MacBook.

  • Price: Free

Smart Object Professional Mock-up

The professional design of a blue background, with a perfect layout makes this mock-up ideal for meetings.

  • Price: $2

Vintage MacBook realistic Mock-up

This pack of 4 vintage MacBook mock-ups embeds photo-filters, and contains smart object layers to add to your screens.

  • Price: Free

MacBook PSD for Happy Valentine

This premium photo-realistic mock-up displays the essence of Valentine's Day, giving a lovely feel to it. It’s a perfect choice for event management web/app designs.

  • Price: $4

MacBook Pro Retina

This free to download MacBook Pro Retina mock-up provides smart-layer features for your design, shot from different angles.

  • Price: Free

Wait, we are not done yet! How do you feel about this list of useful mockups for your design and presentation purposes? Reach out on freelancer.com to hire an expert for your needs.

Refreshing MacBook Air Mock-up

A fresh and revitalising mock-up to present your apps and web designs beautifully.

  • Price: Free

PSD MacBook Pro Mega Mock-up

This creative PSD MacBook Pro mega mock-up is perfect for your website or application design.

  • Price: $20

Elegant MacBook Pro Retina Mock-up

A simple and plain mock-up for MacBook Air to represent yourself and your work effortlessly.

  • Price: Free

Workbench file MacBook Mock-up

This simple to use mock-up template includes 1x high resolution layered Photoshop file that merges well with your design.

  • Price: $2

MacBook Pro Top view PSD

A flat design with a dark background, including a silver/aluminium MacBook in its top view.

  • Price: Free

MacBook Mock-ups Bundle

This bunch of 12 PSDs contains high-quality mock-ups with all scenes powered by Smart Objects.

  • Price: $20

Drop in design to Autumn Mock-up

For smart layers, a fresh background, and ready to drop your work, this MacBook Air in Autumn is the best bet.

  • Price: $4

MacBook Mockup Premium view

This premium PSD mock-up is easy to design, with photos giving a realistic touch to the template.

  • Price: $4

MacBook 2015 Vector Mock-up

This is a vector MacBook (2015) mock-up that includes a full-sized wallpaper with gold, silver, and space grey mock-ups.

  • Price: $5

MacBook Pro resting on Table

A simple yet graceful side view of a MacBook pro on a wooden table.

  • Price: $3

MacBook Realistic Screen Mock-up

This beautiful high-quality mock-up is ready to grab your design in its smart layers, and stand out with originality.

  • Price: $5

Stylish Flat MacBook Pro Mock-up

Clean and polished, this flat design mock-up has a stylized gray finish, providing a fully scalable vector.

  • Price: $5

Creative & Smart MacBook PSD Mock-up

This premium and creative photo-realistic mock-up embraces your design to present it in the very best light.

  • Price: $4

MacBook Pro placed Top View Mock-up

It renders a simple, plain top view of a MacBook pro placed on a table. Just add to it, and it shines.

  • Price: $4

Simple MacBook Coffee Mock-up

This is a simple Apple MacBook Pro mock-up, with a plain coffee mug by its side.

  • Price: $4

MacBook Pro Filter Pack Mock-up

An aesthetic mock-up with minimal effects added, this one offers the vintage/retro look with a unique tone and design filter.

  • Price: $5

A full-sized scale for the skin, be it a plane or a pin!  Certainly not a plane here, but we showed you some incredible mock-ups for MacBook and other Apple products which demonstrate front-runners in design.

Presentations on mock-ups give a clean image for your client of what you are about to offer - from content management to customizable design; from prototype layout to UI parameters.  

Have we compiled all useful mock-ups in one place? We would love to hear from you!

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