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    I need someone that is a professional in some of the following topics 1. Finite state machines 2. Pushdown Automations 3. Preconditions 4. Parse Trees 5. Programming Grammar 6. EBNF grammar 7. Interpreter Design Pattern

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    SAP PI-PO (XI) Developer 6 jours left

    ...Plans and executes unit test to ensure all business rules are covered in the testing by the application. • Delivers bug-free developments to the configuration analyst for string/integration testing. • Creates computer system design (CSD), Mapping and translation developments and unit test based on component requirement design (CRD), adhering to development

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    This is a Mac application. Some strings will be copied to Pasteboard. I want to paste this string to other apps programmatically. If you can do it. please let me know Swift app is good for me

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    hi , i hav done export excel using laravel. but got one issue regarding on date data type. now after export , MS excel looking date as string. i want to fix and make it date value. if it collect when we filtering it will show as date filter on excel. please bid only u hav experience. thanks

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    Hello. I must update a Python program that parses an XML file and extracts elements using ElementTree and BeautifulSoup. The XML file can be found at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Objectives for code modification: 1. Capture Summary information for Net Metering records. (program_type_id=37) 2. Capture Solar Renewable Energy Credit Program records. (program_type_id=85) Which can be seen he...

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    1: from /opt/inspec/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/rspec-core-3.10.1/lib/rspec/core/[se connecter pour voir l'URL]:in `base_name_for' /opt/inspec/embedded/lib/ruby/gem...rb:862:in `base_name_for' /opt/inspec/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/rspec-core-3.10.1/lib/rspec/core/[se connecter pour voir l'URL]:in `+': no implicit conversion of Symbol into String (TypeE...

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    fix ruby (inspec/rspec) error 4 jours left

    1: from /opt/inspec/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/rspec-core-3.10.1/lib/rspec/core/[se connecter pour voir l'URL]:in `base_name_for' /opt/inspec/embedded/lib/ruby/gem...rb:862:in `base_name_for' /opt/inspec/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/rspec-core-3.10.1/lib/rspec/core/[se connecter pour voir l'URL]:in `+': no implicit conversion of Symbol into String (TypeE...

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    Hello. I please need a video of a group of individuals picking up trash on a beach putting the trash into a machine...of individuals picking up trash on a beach putting the trash into a machine that later expels pellets, those pellets are then transformed into bricks for houses, or to make string for tshirts or into keychains. [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    ...tk_name tk_description # 2. The second part of the input is an input string which is a sequence of letters and digits and space characters. Your program will read the list of tokens, represent them internally in appropriate data structures, and then do lexical analysis on the input string to break it down into a sequence of tokens and lexeme pairs from

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    Simple code for my first programming class. Objective To build a complete working total reward. It should be formatted to dollar amounts labels and headings as appropriate. Finally, a programming note for String usage: Instead of if (aString == "B") use if ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]("B")) To convert a String to a char, use: achar = [se connec...

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    I need a simple django app made using websockets (django-channels) and redis. If a user enters a string of text, and clicks connect (to the websocket), then it will show the text strings from all users in real time.

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    I need to experienced dotnet developer who can develop a windows based application for me. We has to create a flow chart using dotnet. Step in with date and time. New step can be placed in any direction of flowchart. Then all the data that has been entered in flowchart will be sent to tcp/ip server as JSON string along with the byte size.

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    Convert Erlang files to JSON 2 jours left
    VERIFIÉ be written in some kind of Erlang data serialization format. I need a tool to convert them into JSON. The attached "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" file is one of the files I need to parse. Whereas the attached "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" file is how I need the original file to be transformed. Unfortunately I created this particular "[se con...

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    var tabl...TransferList = []; [se connecter pour voir l'URL](data); var arrayToString = [se connecter pour voir l'URL]([se connecter pour voir l'URL]({}, data)); // convert array to string var stringToJsonObject = [se connecter pour voir l'URL](arrayToString); // convert string to json object debugger; return Transfe...

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    Python code - Malware analysis 2 jours left

    write Python3 code that will determine the solution string (FLAG) from the file.

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    We have a third party so due to CORS policy we are sending data to api in jsonp format and w...third party so due to CORS policy we are sending data to api in jsonp format and we are getting data in text format but we need to parse that data so if you have to resolve this CORSE POLICY error or you have to parse data which we are recieving in response

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    ...rendering to static server-side rendering using NodeJS and "preact-render-to-string". This task is: - implement a static router for server-side rendering - wrap the preact app with a NodeJS function (for AWS Lambda) and change the dynamic "render" to the static "render-to-string" based on a path parameter - update webpack build script to libraryTarg...

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    log into microsoft office O365 account (with OAuth workflow) at 5 minute intervals. Download x days of email (or n most recent emails) Save details of each email in: 1. Spreadsheet (.xlsx) columns: Message_ID, email_date, email_time, from_email_address, to_email_addresses, cc_emails, email content, number of attachments 2. Spreadsheet 2: Message_ID, email_date, email_time, Attachment_filename 3. S...

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    21 offres There is no need for the programmer to develop any UI/UX design. The input file can be read from an input path (specified in a string variable) and the output file can be saved to an output path (specified in a string variable). Final Deliverables: Complete Visual Studio Solution / Project(s), including the entire source code All library files (

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    ...potrzebne posortowanie jej wg daty urodzenia. Zadanie: zaproponuj algorytm sortowania bazy wg dat urodzenia. O ile pole imię oraz nazwisko są oczywiste – będą to zmienne typu String, to nie jest oczywiste co to jest data. Aby zaproponować algorytm sortowania trzeba najpierw określić w jaki sposób przechowujemy daty. Zaproponowany algorytm sortowania musi

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    ...The service Type (a string, any string from your side prefers to be your website name). The MSISDN (a string has your wallet number). The orderId (string or number, it refers to an id in your system, you will get this id in the redirecting so you can check the status of the operation). The redirectUrl (a string of a URL in your

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    Ongoing C++ programming 1 jour left
    VERIFIÉ given for you to propose an efficient solution to. In the attached graphics, a string variable containing of a series of lines with integer numbers is given. The task is to create a C++ function which can find the maximum product of 4 adjacent numbers in that string. The numbers can be adjacent either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, as marked

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    ...request you to please go through the same and revert us back with the quotation for the same. We request you to please send us a quote for the same considering 20 Words per String. The daily capacity requirement is 2K to 10K lines/strings per day. We will allocate the work through spreadsheet. The translation needs to be on the literal side (because

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    zapier work needed 1 jour left

    ...ETC NOW i need to parse this data into zoho CRM but of course zoho needs specific data for each field. Im not sure if this is possible to do without modifying our website html/php contact form pages but that would be ideal. Im hoping there is a way to identify each field within zapier then parse each field into one lead to parse into ZOHO crm.

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    Small PHP project 13 heures left

    ...Javascript Wordpress webpage1 has a form which collects email and price (with cents). After the submit button is pressed, the next page shows a link to webpage2 that has an encoded string containing the email and price variables, like: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] - Make sure the encoding doesn't create spaces or unprintable characters. It doesn't have to be secure

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    We need to integrate a military discount via 0Auth in Wordpress. 1. Authorization endpoint 2. Receive the authorization code @ redirect_uri 3. Exchange ...0Auth in Wordpress. 1. Authorization endpoint 2. Receive the authorization code @ redirect_uri 3. Exchange the authorization code for an access token 4. Request user data 5. Parse data response

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    Twitch Intro Animation 3 heures left

    Twitch stre...possible. - We both try to illuminate the ghost figure but the flashlight will flicker and we can only see the outline and barely visble our logo ghost. - It'll then pull a string-lever to turn on a spotlight revealing a spooky tv with a couch suitable to sit on It needs to be fast and snappy (eye-catching). Our budget is around 500€.

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