Infected Ingrown Hair - Causes and Treatment

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How an ingrown hair becomes infected? An ingrown hair may get infected because of dead skin cells. The dead cells cause hairs follicles to clog and the hair does not come-out and results in infected ingrown hair. Curly and coarse hairs are sharp and by nature they tend to curl-back underneath the skin. How to differentiate between ingrown hair and infected ingrown hair? Ingrown hairs usually are red and are painful. Infected ingrown hairs start as red bump which increases in size and with time one can find pus and increased intensity of pain.An infected ingrown hair is red, irritated, itchy and warm to touch. How to treat infected ingrown hair? Infected ingrown hairs can be treated by simple home remedies or by seeking professional advice One can opt for simple home remedies to get rid of infected ingrown hairs such as • Use a scrub to wash-off the dead skin cells and release the trapped hair. • Application of tea tree oil to prevent infection • Application of oatmeal-based lotions to

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