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If you are looking for a way to get more customers to your business I am here to help you. Please take a moment to look at what I have to offer; My service is focused on local business owners to help them attract more customers. If you don't have website I will create a Wordpress based website for you - details of how I create each website are below. If you already have a website and would like it to be ranked to attract more clients, I can also help you. I first have to diagnose it and determine its SEO health and make recommendations. The websites I build are truly your online s alesperson 24/7 helping you get more clients to your business. I specialize in search engine optimization for local businesses, that have a physical location targeting local customers. My services include; o Website Design - Wordpress based o Google Places and Local SEO o Social Media Integration o General Search Engine Optimization including o Link Building SEO o On-page o Off-page SEO o etc Services I offer are tailored to your individual needs. I do not have a one-size-fits-all type of service or price. I look at what you need and look at factors like if you already have a website, how many pages does it have, do you have video, images etc or you are basically starting from scratch. And we discuss the way forward and agree on a price. I think that is fair enough! My service is 5-fold, but each fold can be a stand-alone depending on your needs; 1. Consultation Service o Diagnosing the SEO health of your website if you already have one. o The structure of your website and other elements it may need or need to improve on o A tentative keyword research to see how best to attract customers to your business Please note that this is a back-and-forth consultation, I don't use a program to analyze your site, I human review it and communicate with you back-and-forth. I will give you helpful suggestions that you can implement straight away whether you decide to engage me further or not. 2. Create A New Website Or Reconfigure An Existing One If you have a website already, I might need to tweak it and configure it to the standard that I trust will be loved by the search engines. You might have a big site or small site, so that's why I don't have a standard price for you. Here is what you get with this service, a website that o is simpler and easier to navigate o has a better look, feel and is user friendly. o loads at optimal speed better user experience and search engine love o does not require technical knowledge to manage or update your content o is secure from spammers and fly-by-night hackers or malicious bots o is SEO friendly and liked by search engines like Google, Yahoo. Bing, etc for better rankings And here is what is unique about the websites that I create and an advantage to you; o I will provide customized keyword research based on your business niche and location o I will create a highly local search optimized website by including crucial elements e.g. verified Google Authorship, KML File, Local Schema i.e. Schema-formatted business information like name, address and phone number, Review Schema i.e., aggregated review data from testimonials, etc, and all the goodies that Google loves to see on a website o I will use a combination of text, image, video and audio with strategic placement of tags (H1, H2, H3, etc, meta, etc) o I will GEO-tag each landing page to enhance location top rankings - each (landing) page/post is treated as your marketing piece! o I will create and submit XML sitemaps to Google Webmaster tools (XML Sitemaps include Post, Pages, Images, Video, Full geo sitemap) o I will insert Google analytics code to track performance, traffic and all the analytical needed for future tweaking of the site to perform at its peak! o I will create legal pages that search engines look for to take your website serious and worthy of being given higher rankings for more organic customers o There is more... The above is standard coming with 5 to 10 pages depending on the type of your business. 3. Local SEO After website creation or reconfiguration I set to optimize it for local SEO. This step requires several processes like; o Creating social media accounts for content syndication and social buzz o Use of schema formatting in citation and reviews. Schema-formatted reviews give you the stars in the search engine results! o Creating review profiles in 3rd party business sites and link to them to improve your score to rank better and get more customers o Integration of social media like Facebook, Foursquare, Google+ (to get your photo show up in search results), LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, etc 4. Global SEO After Local SEO I will then work on the traditional external SEO! This is a link-building process with a twist... This where I perform processes that can help you rank for national or global keywords. To be clear local SEO is also external SEO but it can be viewed as a special type of external or off-site SEO. And by traditional SEO I mean the normal SEO like link-building with submission of articles, press releases, etc. This section is also tailor made for your needs. I don't just build links because that is what SEO requires. There would be no need to do link-building for a keyword that you are already ranking for! 5. Website Maintenance I will perform month-to-month monitoring and maintenance of your website.

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