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The Ethernet Alarm Interface Module, Ethefaz, is an embedded device of special purpose that runs a unique program which includes a TCP / UDP inerface. Since it is not a general purpose computer it can not be taken or infected with malware, Basically, the Etherfaz can receive three different requests, using TCP or UDP protocols, for changing the state of the contacts in the relays of the unit which are used to make the alarm triggers that are sent to a dedicated alarm panel.

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TECHNOS begins at the year 2007 with the purpouse of satisfy the technological development needs of the industry. For complying the goals, technology and innovation are combined. The design methods employed let give a short term answer depending on the complexity of a project, Custom attention is prioritary, The products developed at the date have been comercialized in areas like security, networks & data, entertainement, publicity, etc. It is the major of my intereses to give the best services. To get it many elements are incorporated to help in being better day to day, so that retroalimentation with the customer is crucial.

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