Spicee - Great local activities in Switzerland, à la AirBnB

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Spicee is to local activities what AirBnB is to booking apartments. This is a web application and an API in Python to give power and flexibility to a thriving service in Switzerland. Check a demo at http://spicee.syscrun.ch/ or at the official website, http://spicee.ch/.\\n\\nSpicee is a young company with a great concept that required help and assistance to build its product. We took care to build the software from the beginning, first assessing the requirements to then start building early versions with iterative development. The customer involvement was necessary and despite of working remotely for most of the time, it was possible to make this project a reality. As any project, it requires changes because the business also evolves, we follow-up closely the development of this company.

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SysCrunch is an innovation hub that builds solutions for the Web, Mobile and Desktop environments. We are based in Switzerland and have branches in Eastern Europe and South America. Our team of engineers is highly qualified to take on almost any challenge. We cover all the development phases and work with large and small companies. We specialize on startups and we provide assistance and advice. All our major development comes with an after-sales service, to ensure that the provided solution works properly. It covers up to 30% of the development time that can be extended at customer request. Let's do it together!

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