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Storytelling is the ability to place facts in context and to deliver them with emotional impact. An engaged audience is a supportive one. The Story let's your audience decide for themselves; which is one of the greatest secrets of true influence. Persuasion, bribery or charming appeals are push strategies. Story is a pull strategy. At the heart of our service lies the discovery of your story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Story is worth a thousand guarantees. Whatever the product, character or scene, Sentient is all about finding that Story. Since it's inception as a Design, Visual Effects and Animation boutique, Sentient VFX has built a reputation for creating outstanding content for a global audience. Our multi-ethnic digital artists are instrumental in the development of a storytelling culture with a unique voice; invariably building on the highest creative and technical standards. Within Sentient VFX House lies a digital playing field wherein talented people from a wide assortment of creative disciplines can come together to put their collective innovation to work. Working outside of the established system, Sentient has instituted a symbiotic network of independent partners enabling us to bring the right people to the drawing board for each and every project. Our repertoire touts a flexible blend of the traditional with the divergent. Digital video has much fresh new terrain and we aim to explore beyond the boundaries of the medium itself as well as to challenge the viewers expectations of video as prescribed by conventional celluloid.

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