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Esprit Cloud is one of the first opensource hybrid cloud storage software. The application supports multiple storage back-end including Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift and every FUSE compatible file system. The application support data replication between different back ends (A file can be replicated on local storage and S3), load balancing, fail over, permissions. The application can be driven using both CDMI API and S3 API. It is possible to add support for back ends and front ends using a simple plugin system.

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My name is Sami Arous. I\'m 27. I\'ve started developing applications at the age of 12 as a hobby. On october 2011, I obtained my Master\'s Degree in Engineering and graduated with a 4.0 GPA (87.5%). My end of study project was about implementing and  setting up an open-source hybrid Cloud Storage solution. I\'ve conducted around 15 projects in vWorker with an average rating of 9.5/10.  I like to think of my self as a multitalented, ultra motivated and autonome software developper. Area of Expertise: Visual Basic (7 years of practice), years), C++ (First learned language), C#(5 years), Objective C (2 years of practice), Python (1 year of practice) , ASM , HTML, CSS, Flash , Php, JavaScript. Windows Apis, Linux, Autocad, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage...

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