Network Traffic Monitoring with config. low traffic alarms.

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NOVEMBER 2014 This project integrate several needs: - data capturing every 10 seconds (most SNMP loggers capture once e minute) - Alarms to email in low traffic conditions - Responsive graphics with data exportation. - Zooming should always do its best to return a constant amount of samples (1000) I developed backend, using MySQL and C/C++ programming over Linux with some bash scripts to automate daemons process. I also developed the frontend with JQuery + AJAX + Dygraph ( This project greatly Improved data analysis for network engineers. At the same time, the low traffic detection algorithm helps Network Operator Center to quickly detect anomalies

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Electronic engineer at University of Buenos Aires with 24+ years of experience in IT, automation and telecommunication industry. C programmer for industrial automation (12+ years) an telecommunication industry (10+years). Cross platform development (x86, MIPS, ARM). OS: Linux, SUN, QNX. Automation solutions: real time mathematical models (hot and cold rolling mills for steel industry) and HMI. Driver develoment for several bus industry standards (MB+, Allen Bradley CIP, Siemens S5, S7 and propietary solutions). Reflective memory solutions for VME. Telecomunications solutions: mutli vendor monitoring via SNMP, MBTCP and several propietary protocols. Big data analisys (in memory servers based on AVL trees). HTML(5) and CSS data presentation using AJAX for SCADA-WEB solutions. Virtualization solutions based on linux containers for networking services. Seven years of experience working abroad.

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