Innocent Timelines: Facebook for Babies

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It is becoming a trend for pregnant mothers to post in social networking sites pictures of their pregnancy, ultra-sound and other tiny winy details of their "on the way" babies. Some even post their color matching purchases of shirts, cribs and other whatnots for the coming baby. Then the explosion continues after childbirth, how lovely. Of course, there's nothing evil here, for all of the parents' intents and purposes. I myself love looking at pictures of my childhood. Sharing those photos with friends is fine. Losing it to a bunch of people I never interacted with, now that is a blunder. Though I did found some of the lost photographs, I never expected some could pop-up in such enlightening places. I found one in the dormitory rest room, and someone already peed on it. Some are pinned in the lost and found. Some are already in the trash. I even found one of my "baby" pictures posted on a tree in the golf course with a la

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