image communication for fire fighting robot using 3g

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The overall objective of the robot is to be able to navigate a robot through a standardized maze, detect fire, and extinguish it. To this end, there are different subsystems that enable the robot to view its environs and aid it in maneuvering the maze to accomplish its task. In order to discover where the robot is relative to its environs, the wall following subsystem has been implemented. To aid the robot, there are white lines in the maze that signify doorways, the starting and finishing circle for the robot, and an area of radius one foot that is centered on the candle. In order to make the most use of these lines, there is a line detection subsystem to aid the robot in traversing the maze. A motor control system must be implemented to maneuver the robot through the maze based on its interpretation of its position. Distance from walls, white lines, and the distance to the fire determine the direction and speed that the wheels must turn.

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