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About my competences: I am a developer specialized in .NET (VB and C#) and I have a excellent knowledge of all .NET Framework. Also I know very well ASP, PHP, Java and HTML. I can develop Windows applications or WEB based applications. I have worked with many CMS and I have a good knowledge of them not only dashboard side but also code side and I can develop extensions or customization for most of them. I am expert in MS SQL and MySQL databases. I know many API and SDK as Google API, PayPal API, and so on. I know very well the MS Office suite and I can develop scripts and extensions for Office products. I have worked with C language and I can develop also applications for hardware devices control. Since I have begin to develop 20 years ago, I have also a good knowledge of old technologies, so I can convert also old applications in new environment. I can develop also applications for Windows Mobile and Android (no IPhone). I have a deep knowledge of MS Speech SDK and many speech recognition systems, since I have collaborated to the development of Dragon Naturally Speaking (now known as Nuance) and I have a great experience in Voice-IP technologies, since I have developed software for call center with speech recognition features, and Artificial Intelligence systems in the domain of natural language interpretation. I can develop solutions for automate the data entry process achieving faster, more accurate and cheaper results. This include Web Data Extraction, Speech Recognition, Optical Character Recognition and Human language interpretation. When is not possible a full automated data extraction I can integrate the process with manual data entry, ensuring 100% accuracy. I also have a good knowledge of Adobe C6 and a good skill in graphic and audio/video production, well as realization of PDF and Adobe Illustrator documents. About the spoken languages: I am a native Italian speaker. I am not an academic English speaker but my knowledge of English language is more than enough for a full understanding of the the customer's requirements and for a fluent conversation with the customer. Also, I have a good knowledge of French language, and a average knowledge of the Spanish, Romanian and Arabic languages. About my standards of work: In most cases I can begin to work immediately and finish quickly with accuracy. I feel comfortable in a new environment and I can learn quickly new technologies. I have good capacity to work in team or to take in charge a full project in all his parts from the analysis to the delivery of the completed and tested product and to the distribution through box packages or Internet installation. I collaborate with a team of trusted developers which have experience in different areas of developing, so I am able to deliver complex and multi-competence products in a quick time. Moreover, when appropriate I do not limit my work to the requirements of the customer but I provide suggestions to improve the efficiency and quality of the results. I am prompt for any eventual adjustment and I assist the customer also after that the work is completed. For me the confidentiality of the works made for my customers is a must and I will never resell a work expressly created for a customer unless I have taken different agreements with the customer. About the acceptance of the project and the payment policies: The satisfaction of the customers is for me a must, my policy is to accept a project only after I have discussed them in deep with the customer and we are sure about the understanding of the requirements. In most cases, before to accept a project, I can provide a demo version of the product in order to be sure that the customer is fully satisfied about the product that it will get. When possible I ask the payment only after I finish the work, unless I should not sustain cost for the realization of the project and that the development do not require an excessive time. In that last case I will ask an advanced payment for the costs that I will have to sustain and a milestone payment after the realization of the initial part of the project if it will commit more than 3 days of work.

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