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BACKGROUND & GENERAL INFORMATION Following modern trend, the prospective outsourcing is soon going to overpower on other wage earning sources of Bangladesh. Obviously has become the most modernize, westernize and as well as unknown sector of business to the commoners. Regarding the demand of time, Oasis Informatics was founded at Kushtia, a small town of the western part of Bangladesh. The town is considered as the cultural capital of the country. The company has been established by Mr. Asif Iqbal, CEO and Executive Director, obtained experiences & training on Call Center and outsourcing in home & abroad. He is one of the veterans in the country who had the competency to establish a successful outsourcing company and enabled to turn his dream into a reality. Mr. Md. Masud Pervaz, Director-Operations. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a successful businessman as well as a well known expert in outsourcing in the region. He plays the key role for running the company. Mr. Md. Aktaruzzaman Razu, Director-Strategy and business development; is the key technical person who is playing the most vital role for running the key business. Mr. Ekhlas Uddin, Director-Sales and Marketing development; this person is key to directing and managing our marketing plan which ultimately decides the success of our company. Mr. Jalal Uddin Rumee, Director-HR, Admin and organization development; this person is key to guides and manages the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, and programs for the entire company. They are continuously providing their overall support to the company. Oasis Informatics has started to provide the broad spectrum of customer support and telemarketing needs of enterprises. The company provides solutions which are specific to cover everyone’s requirements. Oasis Informatics offers the perfect blend of technology and with touch of human effort using diversified channels of Information technology. Oasis Informatics origins are rooted in Outsourcing and Telecommunication technology; providing all kind of customer connection and business process outsourcing. It is also operating its trade wings holding long track record on Import, Export & Supply. Workstation infrastructure: Well equipped with modern communication devices connected with high speed broadband internet. Agents recruited in the company has to pass through tough test to prove their competency. Most of them are running students of different educational institutions as well as professionals affiliated with bright academic and professional background. Overall status of work environment is maintained as friendly & charges up with team spirit. Oasis informatics is a software outsourcing and web development company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective software development. With a rich and varied experience in providing offshore software development and project management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Our global software outsourcing model makes sure we deliver maximum targeted result to you. Oasis Informatics is established on the core objective to offer itself as a valued sourcing partner where the customer would feel confident to outsource the projects. Oasis Informatics is a full service IT solution provider, committed to provide the best affordable solutions for your business need. Oasis Informatics started its journey in 2009 with the objective of providing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions to meet the critical business needs in the constantly changing market demands. Our offshore development centre is strategically located in Dhaka , Bangladesh. In Oasis Informatics we believe no one is just an employee but everyone is a partner in the development of the company. Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of carefully selected professionals who come from various backgrounds and enrich the creative potential of the company. The expertise that they posses embraces a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies, such as PHP ,MySQL and .NET and many more. The management consists of young and dynamic professionals who have proven experience in the industry. The management practice centers round the idea that change is obvious and customer satisfaction in our core asset. Oasis Informatics has a unique young & talented team of experienced developers, creative designers, marketing experts and system support specialist, all set out to bring a whole new life to your web presence. CORPORATE VISION Oasis Informatics’ prime vision is to be the preferred global sourcing choice of the world market. CORPORATE MISSION Oasis Informatics is combine international best practices with top talent locally and around the World to serve as a seamless extension of customer’s IT organization. Everything we do is done with one mission in mind that is “To develop long term satisfaction, trust and mutual understanding with our customers, and promote communication and sales for our clients’ businesses through the fastest growing medium in the world – the internet. CORPORATE OBJECTIVES Providing the best affordable IT Solution Thirst for quality and innovative work Building up market oriented IT professional Clients requirements and satisfaction first Meeting deadline. CORE VALUES Clients First Say What You'll Do: Do What You Say Dream It: Do It Communicate Proactively Integrity, honesty and respect. Passion for work and pride in all the projects we participate in an open environment, encouraging creative thinking with a strong focus on practical implementation. Taking on challenges and seeing them through Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence. Accountability to customers, partners, and colleagues for commitments, results, and quality. COMPANY PHILOSOPHY Oasis Informatics is a client-oriented company, with a focus on delivering the highest quality services. Our team pushes the limits so our clients can benefit. Always looking forward, we are committed to fostering and developing successful business relationships. With a commitment to excellence and paying sharp attention to the quality of our work and services, perfectionism is our only acceptable standard. We form partnerships with the best companies - those who are equally passionate about supporting businesses in our rapidly expanding technological world. We aim to be friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of our expertise. Each experience is analyzed and adjustments are continually made to maintain the highest standards. Implementing the best means our clients benefit by achieving their goals and increasing profitability. OUR METHODOLOGY Understanding problem domain Analysis of current business scenario Proposed solution Designing of right solution Testing Implementation Final review Our Products & Services PRODUCT PROFILE Our software is available in three different versions: Enterprise Version Desktop Version Web Version Enterprise Version The enterprise version of the software is fully capable of handling software and its activities from different locations (within Network) for multiple concerns. The network could be the LAN, WAN, VPN or any other compatible network. It provides a high degree of security for the information. Desktop Version The desktop version of the software is for the stand alone computer. This version of the software runs on a single computer, suitable for SOHO (Small Office Home Office). It also provides a high degree of security. Desktop Software • Language: C# (Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005, .NET Framework 2.0 & 3.5) • Database: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, MySQL • Crystal Reports • InstallShield Web Version Web version of the software usually runs on a web-based system, though it is Internet or Intranet. On any IP based network it will work. The most interesting thing about Web based Application is it can be accessible from any where in the world. Data security is the vital point here. Oasis ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning An ERP solution is characterized by, supporting variety of business functions, regardless of organization’s business or charter, from a shared data store to serve each department’s specific need. A typical organization may include: Manufacturing & Production Planning Supply Chain Management Sales Purchase Inventory Accounts & Finance Project Management Customer Relationship Management Human Resources Management Management Information System (MIS) Costing Equipment Maintenance Fixed Asset Management Customer Relationship Management To implement ERP systems, Oasis Informatics is here to help you: To develop customized ERP solutions To cope your organization up with standard business procedure To ensure maximum efficiency through monitoring, maintenance and support OASIS INFORMATICS Library Management System: In the library management system, the library admin can add new books, update books as their necessity, and delete the books as the books are not available in the library. There will the user interface system where library admin can issue for a book or DVD/CD and collected information of the specific recipient. The system automatically shows the list of the recipient and collects the name from it, after that he put the financial information like amount to be paid in due and after due. If the book issued for a specific recipient and then in the website and book list will show the book is not available in the library. WEB DEVELOPMENT Oasis Informatics provides a variety of website design solutions beginning from Concept development to Web Site Design and ending with Corporate Identity. Oasis Informatics’ professional services are the meeting point of substantial experience and strong knowledge of design concepts, innovative technologies and modern tools. This is a top-level service in intersection with offshore outsourcing capabilities. We have 3 different packs in Web design and Web solution, but we can always tailor make your website according to your need and taste. We will discuss with you and will produce you the desired quality websites that you want for your company. Please email or call us for a discussion so that we can suggest you what is best for your Company website. Location Maps, Pictures, Logos and text for the website must be provided by the clients to [login to view URL] web designers. Our goal is to develop a creative, professional and innovative presence for your company on the internet, bringing your company's products and services and marketing message to the world. We accomplish this through— Total site planning including an exhaustive review of your company's needs, service/product offerings, and information to be presented. Recommendations on site functionality based on the company analysis. Development of the site, including all graphics, navigation menu, content, database, forms and any other needed components. Site maintenance including the performance of necessary updates and modifications. Cross Browser Compliance You have a global presence. Your average visitor might be located in Mainland China or remote Alaska or at the heart of New York City. Different places, Different Browsers You don’t want your Web Page to say yes to Internet Explorer and no Fire fox or Chrome. A web page that works on every available browser is a unique challenge that can effect the performance of your website directly. The challenge: Cross Browser Compatibility Oasis Informatics in-house personnel take the website through various processes before declaring it as cross browser compliant. Numerous factors determine a websites cross browser compliancy. Understanding Browser behavior. Ascertaining use of Professional tools. Using HTML4.01 Strict document type. Using HTML4.01 Strict document type. Including Plain Text links for content. Including Text Alternatives for images. Increase cross-browser consistency through strict mode. Cross browser compliance also makes a website search engine friendly by making it easy for spiders to read and asses content. To top it all every web page processed at [login to view URL] goes through a stringent test by running the WebPages on every available browser No matter which browser is used, your Web Page is sure to be loaded with all its features and attributes. Website Maintenance The maintenance and updating of your website is a vital part in its continuing success. You want your website visitors to keep coming back; you want to make sure your product information is accurate and up to date. Outsourcing your web site maintenance to Ace Web Solutions gives you a team of experts at your disposal. This gives you access to the skilled services that includes: * Web page content updates * Updating product information, prices * Graphic updates and enhancements * Programming and database related developments * Search engine placement and marketing services * Flash animations and intro If you believe you will be making regular changes to your website over time, you can cut costs with a website maintenance contract. The monthly charge for maintenance is based on the size of your website at the time the contract is agreed. Our maintenance programs ensure that your site is always current and your project stays within budget. We are ready to make daily, weekly or monthly updates to your site and will quickly update content, create design changes and make additions/alterations to your website upon your request. Domain Registration Each domain name in the world must be unique - only one company can register and utilize However, there are very few restrictions on domain names - anyone may register just about any domain name they wish. As a result, more than 60,000 .com, .net and .org domain names are registered every day, effectively removing these domains from circulation. There is a strong possibility that if you do not register your domain name, another company or individual will! Hosting Once your website has been designed, it must be hosted on a server so that it can be accessed over the Internet. We host our websites at data centers in USA and Australia. These data centers are monitored 24hrs per day, 365 days per year to ensure a 99.9% or greater uptime. We created a stable, secure and efficient infrastructure exclusively for your business. Web Hosting solutions are a dime a dozen all over the internet. Yet seldom will you find a company that provides everything you need, including responsive technical support at a fair price. Content Management An engaging, compelling copy is one that “talks” directly to the visitor and is able to catch her attention in the initial few seconds she spends on your website. This is when she decides whether to stay on or move to another site. The type of content you produce influences the popularity and profitability of your website. People will often visit and subscribe to search for websites and blogs that are well-written and informative or entertaining. We develop lucrative & suitable content for websites, publications, promotional materials, business presentations and campaigns. As professional content developers, we blend your website’s purpose with your customer’s requirements. This winning combination helps you achieve your business goals while encouraging your customer to explore your site further and eventually buy your products/services. Having years of experience in developing persuasive content that sells, we know exactly what the visitor is looking for and we deliver exactly that. SEO Service "Traffic, traffic and more traffic!" Ask anyone with experience in e-commerce - They'll tell you that your web site needs three things to be successful: Traffic, Traffic, and more Traffic! To be successful, your online business needs a strong Internet presence, brand recognition, and ever-increasing sales resulting in increased revenue. To accomplish this, your site needs a prominent position in the major search engines. The higher your ranking, the more traffic and sales your company will experience We specialize in achieving top placement in the major search engines for your company. We review your site, your business, and your competition; select the most effective keyword phrases for your site to bring in targeted traffic. We optimize your site by creating pages that move you to top positions in the most prominent search engines. Graphic Design and printing: Innovation and attraction is our main concern in graphic designing. Creative logo, stationary and business cards, advertising brochures and other materials, digital imaging for internet publication or all other graphic works designed for print are done by our expert graphic designer. NETWORK SOLUTIONS: Network Solutions is a special division which OASIS INFORMATICS takes pride in. We are capable of establishing effective Networks with Linux and Windows Platform. We are expert in LAN, WAN, MAN, ISP setup and maintenance. We also provide all networking solutions for small and large companies. We are the right people to build primary infrastructure of Information Technology for a new company. Support Service: Support for Software: Our software support team will give you: Improve the productivity of system managers and operators Enhance system performance and reduce downtime due to software issues Expedite problem resolution with help from expert-level technical resources Provide for consistent service coverage across geographically dispersed sites Update OASIS INFORMATICS Soft and selected third-party software at a predictable cost OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING: Our team of web site design and programming professionals will work hard to get your web site presence up as fast as possible providing the quality that you need and deserve. Our job is never finished until you are completely satisfied and we will continue to provide support as long as needed. Leveraging from lower labor cost in Bangladesh, Oasis Informatics is offering price competitive outsourced development services while maintaining international standard process and quality. Web Integrated has already done outsourced software and web development projects for the Partners based in USA, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Italy, India etc. By offering you a flexible, cost effective, and quality software and web development services that will extend your existing working capacity. While we want to reach new markets by providing quality-driven service overseas. Our Expertise & Skills Professional Web Site Design & Development Services Flash Web Sites and Presentations E-Commerce Website Design OS-Commerce Website Design Content Management Systems (CMS) Database-Driven Web Sites Renovations of Existing Web Sites Reliable Business Web Site Hosting Custom Script Development MySQL and MS SQL Database Development Software Application Development Domain Name Registration Web Site Promotion Services Dedicated Servers Webmaster Services Develop web interface for data entry Why to Outsource at Oasis Informatics Solutions? Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your core business Outsourcing reduces operating cost and project overheads Outsourcing saves on skilled manpower, IT infrastructure and technology Outsourcing avails you of skilled professionals and infrastructure as per your projects Effectively maintain safe and secure technology infrastructures with worry-free support, operations, maintenance, upgrades, and disaster recovery services. Team enjoys the unique combination of both creative and technical skills, which ensures delivery in time and top quality service OS: Windows 95/98/2000/NT, Linux, Windows XP. Programming Language: Java, C/C++, C#, Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal, Cold fusion, Perl, Python, SQL, PL/SQL Technologies: TCP/IP, CGI, ActiveX, .NET Internet/Intranet: Java/J2EE Technologies: Enterprise JavaBeans, JDBC, AWT, RMI, Servlets, JSP, Swing,J2ME, Web Services Scripting Languages: PHP, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, PerlScript Markup Languages: HTML/DHTML, CSS, SSI, WAP/WML, XML/XSL/DTD Application Servers: MS Internet Information Server, Apache Web Server Tools: Application Development and RAD Tools: Eclipse, Web-Sphere studio development (WSAD), Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, Developer 2000, Power Builder, C++ Builder, MS J++ 6.0, [login to view URL], Sun JDK 1.0.x - 1.4.* DBMS and Database: MS SQL Server, ORACLE 7.x-8.1.x-9.x, mySQL, Interbase, UDB DB2, MS Access, ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, ADO GUI Systems: Win32 API Legacy: Legacy Languages: C/C++, SQL Our recent web development works: Our web development work includes, but not limited to: 1. [login to view URL] 2. [login to view URL] 3. [login to view URL] 4. [login to view URL] 5. [login to view URL] 6. [login to view URL] 7. [login to view URL] 8. [login to view URL] 9. [login to view URL] 10. [login to view URL] 11. [login to view URL] 12. [login to view URL] Our Valued Clients: Our valued clients includes, but not limited to; 1. Basis Builders Limited 2. Expobangla Logistics 3. Bil-tech Development 3. Latif Real estate Limited 4. Social Islami Bank 5. Arenco Group 6. My real estate BD limited
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