Android Phone Controlled Arduino Robot Car

par ngavin
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In this project a four wheeled robot car was developed and controlled using an android phone. I designed an android application to control the robot with the accelerator (by tilting the phone) and on-screen buttons. The main controller in the robot is an arduino Mega board. The robot car had four motors driven by L293D motor controller ICs. It also had 2 ultrasonic sensors to detect distances to obstacles in both directions. The connection between the robot and the android phone was done using Bluetooth. Functions of the android app: Control the direction of the robot ( Forward and Reverse ) Control the speed of the robot Can turn the robot by tilting the phone Display the distance to the nearest obstacle in the traveling direction Please use following youtube link if you cannot play the video

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I'm a Master of Engineering (MEng) graduate in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of West of England, specialized in Electronic Engineering with Distinction. I have a very good knowledge and experience with Assembly, C and Arduino programming for microcontroller based designs. I'm also very good with mathematics and physics and have a very good knowledge with Matlab. I worked as as an android programmer for several months before starting my MEng program. I have a lot of experience with Java application development with mySQL databases.

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