Ammonia Removal from waste water using Sythetic Zeolite

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Synthetic Zeolite has been found to be very efficient in removing ammonia from water. Although breakpoint was not achieved in column experiments (due to time constraint), after passing of about 485 litres of water with initial ammonia concentration of 20 mg/l, ammonia uptake capacity of Zeolite was estimated at 3,790 mg of ammonia per Kg of Zeolite. The results suggest significant higher uptake capacity at breakpoint. Column experimental results suggest that the Zeolite bed should not be allowed to become dry in between intermittent operations. Resumption of operation of a dry Zeolite bed results in significant release of adsorbed ammonia from the media. Contact time has significant influence of removal of ammonia by Zeolite. This is because ion exchange is not an instantaneous process, but requires time for ions to diffuse from the pore sites through the structure to the contacting solution.

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