Virtual CNC GCode Machine

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Virtual CNC GCode Machine
Virtual CNC GCode Machine

This is a picture taken from a design created by a virtual CNC gcode machine that uses what are called gcodes as inputs to create the design from a virtual block of material such as wood , metal...etc.

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I've worked on graphics visualization software for manufacturing industry. Applications for the 3 dimensional visualization of components and robotic control routines and simulations using C/C++, Visual Basic and Power Basic. I have created simulation applications for CNC milling machines. These are machines that use a tool to modify a rectangular or cylindrical piece of material to create components, moulds...etc. I've also worked on modifying the graphics and AI of a virtual reality and 3D game engine and the creation of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) software of the kind that's used for medical imaging. Other work includes Distributed systems, O.C.R.(Optical Character Recognition) - transforming images of paper documents into useful digital data. My experience includes around 17 years of commercial experience after getting a Master's Degree in Computer Science (1'st class pass >75%). C/C++ coding, javascript, HTML5, OpenGL, WebGL, [login to view URL] and a lot of other technologies.

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