The Rise And Fall Of Socialism

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A brief literature review: Our first central question is how socialism spread in the eastern European countries. So first we have to briefly discuss about this question. The way how socialism spread in the Eastern European countries: The main difference between the unity in Eastern Europe and the west was that the countries of Eastern Europe were forced into it by the USSR whereas the members of the EC joined voluntarily. By the end of 1948 there were nine states in the socialist bloc: USSR itself, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia. There are many reasons how socialism spread in the eastern bloc. Expansion of the USSR: Eastern Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Bessarabia in northern Romania were recognized as parts of the Soviet sphere of influence. The Soviet Union had invaded the portions of eastern Poland assigned to it by the Molotov Pact. .In the same way at the end of the war, Soviet Union did some physica

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