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? Land planning and urban designing with relation to surrounding areas ? Physical, economic, and social impact of proposed land use on the environment, ecology, traffic, and population patterns. ? Environmental analysis with particular consideration of geotechnical conditions, seismic, climate, water, air, and other processes or phenomena. ? Keeping in view Owners approved programme & budget, schemes are presented until one is selected. ? Developing alternative conceptual solutions to satisfy functional, site, technical and aesthetic requirements and deal with the full range of constraints ranging from regulatory to environmental. ? Developing and preparing preliminary design concepts to determine the spatial relationships that best satisfy the owner's program. ? Preparation of detailed design/ drawings of approved schematic design incorporating results of site and environmental analysis, code and cost implications, and building systems selection, and describing the size and character of the project -- including selection of materials and specifics of engineering systems. ? Master planning of site having different nature of buildings by dividing the site in technical, residential, educational, commercial, parking and recreational areas keeping in view the future development ? Provision of storm water drainage system in the site along with the study of natural contours of the site ? Planning the buildings keeping in view sun orientation, wind directions and accessibility to the site ? Creation of water bodies and designing the sitting areas around these water bodies in the interior as well as exterior of buildings ? Creation of views, vistas & landmarks on the site ? Study & improvement of skyline formed by buildings to create best street views/ architecture ? Creation of fire zones & fire exits in the buildings ? Engage energies in new innovative contractual relationships and project delivery strategies ? Co-ordination with electro-mechanical engineers for planning underground infrastructure services like water supply, sewerage system, chilled water line network, fire fighting network, underground HT & LT along with positioning of transformers with spatial considerations. ? Collaboration and information sharing with consultants for integrated project delivery strategies ? information sharing among geographically dispersed team by using digital BIM model ? Work in a team environment, plan the process of how to exchange information, what to do with data, how often to update building model and how to integrate the plotting process, ? Finalization of building drawings from conceptual design to detailed tender & working drawings along with preparation of bill of quantities & specifications ? Demarcation & execution of work on site ? Supervision for installation of prefab steel structure on 60 m X 60 m span ? Supervision for construction of different sort of technical buildings, residential buildings, hospital, auditorium, mosques, school, colleges, swimming pool, Jacuzzi & sauna etc ? Review contractor architectural submittals. ? Interface with field engineers and contractors on all buildings contracts to develop coordinated architectural finishing drawings. ? Interface with client architectural group to finalize and expedite material selection. ? Maintain quality of building interior as well exterior finishing work including floor finishing, false ceiling and wall finishing, which look aesthetically pleasant ? Provide architectural guidance and supervision to field engineers on all buildings contracts. ? Participate in the technical aspects of Field Change Requests and Change Orders. ? Carried out site meetings with contractor to resolve the issues in time ? Review designs at all stages of the projects for conformity to specific Brand standards, Design & Construction guidelines ? Monitor contractor inspection programs and quality control programs. ? Participate in intermediate and final inspections of architectural works and prepare "punch lists". ? Review contractors' monthly invoices and O&M manuals, review and monitor as built. ? Prepares and deliver reports and presentations to client

$5 $ US / h