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1 - A legal document/pleading/answer drafted for a client who was the respondent. The issue at bar was subsequently resolved in a compromise agreement. It involved copyright infringement. The document was written under the name of my employer, one of the partners of the law firm i used to work for. 2 - A legal document/pleading in response to a complaint initiated by the BIR (local taxing authority) for a client who is under investigation for allegedly having failed to file his tax returns and non-compliance with a subpoena. The document was made under the name of my employer, one of the partners of the law firm.

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My prime motivation is to exercise my accumulative experience and abilities to the fullest extent. Why should you hire me? 1. Legal Field - I am a holder of the degree Bachelor of Laws and Letters. I have diversified experience having successfully held a position as a court employee, legal editor and have made other legal researches and paperwork on other occasions with some law firms and these include, but are not limited to, the following: research using the databases such as Lexis Nexis and West Law, etc.; analyzing, editing, and composing legal documents such as contracts, pleadings, affidavits, etc.; research on applicable laws and jurisprudence or case laws on clients cases through the internet, etc.; and in all these, attention to details, file management, accomplishing projects on time are among my strengths. 2. Business Field - I am a graduate of BS Commerce Major in Business Administration. I am experienced, business-wise, presently managing a small family business at the moment. 3. Writing/Data entry/proofreading/editing/web reaserch/SEO - I would like to try these jobs online mainly because it would be a good part-time/full-time job by reason that such jobs doesn't require a lot but good computer skills and good english, which I am very much qualified. 4. My computer skills are excellent. I am extremely knowledgeable with Microsoft Office-doc/docx files, Adobe Reader-pdf files, Windows, and other editing related softwares. I love technology and everything related to the computer or tech industry. It is my passion and I see to it that I have quite a knowledge of every bit of it. With the above, I am with complete confidence that I shall make a significant contribution to the operation of the company that would hire me. I am extremely knowledgeable in the business and legal field. Considering the amount of experience I have acquired I will serve any company well in several areas. I have been considered to be an effective communicator; capable of communicating with all levels of personnel and management. I seek online jobs as it affords me the opportunity to further develop and enhance my abilities, both in legal and business field which quite naturally will be an asset to the company hiring and to my personal aspirations. Throughout my career, people I have worked with or interacted with from time to time have recognized my personal commitment, creative talents and ability to meet whatever objectives that were put forth. My entire adult life has been devoted to acquiring knowledge and abilities that would be useful and beneficial. Given the opportunity, I would consider it a privilege to contribute my enthusiasm, reliability, integrity and perseverance to fulfill the job requirements necessary to meet specifications. I am at your service 24/7. =)

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