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A Desktop based software which can control your computer. You can: * Shutdown, Restart, Standby, Hibernate, Logoff/Lock the PC with just one click. * View details/summary information of your computer components (i.e. RAM, VGA etc.) * View details info about Network Access points with Physical address. * View CPU Usage in graphical way. * Change/Remove the Windows Login Password with Built-in Password Generator module. * Clean Temporary files, Browser files including Saved Passwords, sessions, history * PC Boot Notification module lets you know who is logging in to your PC in your absence. * Task Scheduler module lets your PC to do specific action after specified time. (i.e. You want to shutdown your PC after 1 hour. Set Task Scheduler module) * If you are using Laptop, you will get information how much Battery life is available with Pop up notification which will let you know how critical your battery life is. * Auto Hibernate your PC, when battery life drops below the level

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