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par JasonMM
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It was a cold Saturday morning, the sun still teasing the horizon between the olive-grey earth and the sullen skies. Richard stepped out of the humid, steamy train carraige and into the sharp, cold morning air. Instantly his breath turned to mist and his ears began to redden. A sense of relief passed through him though. He was out of that car; away from the confined space in which he was forced to breathe the second hand breath of others. He was free. (C) J. McMaster. All rights reserved.

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I'm an amateur writer, hobbyist programmer and designer. I love animation, mainly Japanese anime but am also a big fan of some western cartoons. My favourite cartoon is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I'm professional, competant and will always deliver. My website is currently still down for maintenance but I'll have it up soon and you'll be able to browse some of my work. Please note that I do not necessarily expect my hourly rate as I usually work off a flat-out rate per-project.

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