ASI Truck-tracker:

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ASI Truck-tracker:

This is the business application that is being used by a snow removing company in US. In this application end user is the employee of this company (ASI Management). User has to register for using this application. Users can login, start and end their shift and Job at particular time and location. User's location is updated at a remote server after every minute. Users can view jobs that are assigned to them by sending a request to server then a list of job is returned as the response of this request. Users can view the details of the jobs (including estimated time, Address). Users can find the path between their and Job's location. Picture and Video can be captured for some particular site and can be sent to the server or saved in the device. Users can update the information regarding Salting that they have done during a job on the remote server. On the basis of user's role application provides them the features within the application. Users can see weather f

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