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The arizona wellness directory application brings together the providers and consumers of wellness services in arizona.

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I have a clear understanding of a web application , right from the architectural levels down to the implementation levels. I have expertise in php and python , two of the most popular programming languages for server -side programming. I prefer to work with zend-framework when using the php language , while django is my go-to framework for python . A web application has a database as its bedrock . Most applications are well suited to the traditional relational databases and I have firm grasp on mysql which happens to be a very fast relational database. Often databases need to be coupled with a caching solution , for which I use memcached . However certain web applications built with horizontal scalability in mind respond well to a no-sql database which allow for easier replication across database clusters. I have experience with mongo-db which was designed precisely for situations such as these. On the front end , I have command over html 5, css3, java-script and jquery , technologies that enable me to provide a compelling user experience . To summarise , I will provide you with a solution that will bring your ideas to life.

$20 $ US / h