Dangerous English intervention student survey results

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Over the years, I have had many different jobs. Please note that there may appear to be gaps in work history, but there are not. Often, I was required to work multiple part-time jobs at the same time. Also during this time, I was engaged in graduate school studies. Previous to the "professional" occupations included below, I also have had a variety of other experiences, employed as: EBAY seller and 11 year member with a current feedback rating of almost 400, civil engineer doing fieldwork testing on soil and concrete/asphalt, archaeologist, caterer to famous musicians, production assistant for a major company, waiter in both high- and low-class restaurants, employee of the month at Home Depot, warehouse inventory and delivery preparation, as well as deliveries for a beer distribution company. I feel that my life experiences have made me a well-rounded person, allowing me to write on a variety of topics from many different points of view. Also, I am constantly editing my own work, those of my supervisors, and when reading, which I do a lot of. I pay particular attention to grammar. A perfect example is the above sentence starting with "also" in which many commas are included, yet all are grammatically correct. However, I usually prefer to shorten my sentences to keep things more coherent for the average reader.

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