The rickshaw puller

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Rickshaws are mostly seen in Asian countries. In Bangladesh you can find the most color full rickshaws all around the world.Our rickshaw painting is world famous and you might have seen the rickshaw march by cricket team captains from the last world cup cricket, pretty catchy huh? In Bangladesh, The rickshaw paint culture started from early 1950's. You can certainly find the festively all over the rickshaw just by the paint of it, there are geometric designs,depictions of flowers, birds and even popular actresses. It can even be decorated to show the driver's religious beliefs and sometimes even a commentary on current social issues. Anyway, the life of a rickshaw puller is not as color full as the rickshaw seems. They have to do hard labor to earn their livelihood and also not respected in the society by the elite class. The image above is taken by me, I find the rickshaws fascinating but I don't know why!!

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