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Mohamed is an expert in the field of forming teams for organizations. Mohamed Baqer is here to help to choose the right candidate to the right task. Mohamed Baqer is honest and loyal. Mohamed loves to listen to his staff and hate to dominate his opinions over others. Mohamed is professional in the area of the HR. If you face many disappointments with selecting inappropriate candidates to the tasks you have then you are recommended to consult Mohammed to help you. When you have the help of Mohamed Baqer then you will save your organization from high costs because of selecting staff that are inappropriate for the tasks you have within your organization. You don't have to use the trail and error balance method till you score the right employee for the task you have because Mohamed is here to help you. Mohamed is surely capable of creating outstanding teams through his talent in selecting the appropriate team members for the right task to be given for them.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am available for you to make an analytical report regarding an area of your concern in business or HR to help in making the right decisions. I am attractive to deal with because I am serious at my tasks in projects. You are most welcome to enjoy the help of my sharp analytical skills and gain the true appropriate recommendations. To be honest, I think many businesses need my assistance because it is valuable to make the most of their limited resources. Why not choose a project you need an analysis for and call me for a quote? How can I help you? Call me at 00973 33334309

$13 $ US / h