A Combination Skin

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A Combination Skin

Those who have a combination skin type may have more problems as compared to other types of skin. In combination skin it's difficult to decide that what is more problematic, whether the oil in your skin or the dryness. So, to control both the problems at one time is like a challenge. Combination skin is made up of two types. The 'T' area, which includes forehead, nose, partly cheeks closer to the nose and chin are oily areas whereas other are either dry or normal. Your very first step should be deciding that what actually causes more skin problems to you, oil or dryness. If your skin is shining in the T-zone but looks tight and scaly around your eyes and cheeks, it means that you have to tackle dryness problem. On the other hand, if your cheek and eye areas feel slightly tight but your T-zone is covered with oil and blemishes your combination situation is oily. Being the tricky and complicated skin type, it needs your extra effort to look after it. Individ

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