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There exists a place far beyond the imagination of your dreams, a place truly vast and beautiful. A place filled with all sorts of things and creatures never heard of in your world, until now. Its plains meet plateaus that stretch into the horizon and gather at the feet of star-crossed skies. Rivers run through resounding valleys and eternal deserts. Magical structures and buildings tower in glory before their surrounding mountains from whence their makers carved them. Winds dance upon vast and magnificent meadows, grass waving like hands back and forth. Lucent lakes and gigantic forests reveal life in all its beauty and simplicity. Visit for more information

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We are all a part of the world, and so am I. Like you I am a citizen of this world, lent only for a short while and in this time I intend on doing as much as possible with my life for the benefit of others, with everything I am able to do and that God has talented me to do. Visit [login to view URL] for more information

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