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Cityboy Pusha is a urban wear company from NYC. When PJ came to me, I was pretty nervous: I like rap, but I didn't never designed something for this kind of wear/music. Immediately, I took my rap playlist to get inspired. This is the work of several weeks of misunderstoods, tryings and too much work, but PJ is so happy, just as I am. I'm satisfied with the work. We try to mix the old western style and design with the urban wear. We took a lot of the street graffitti, from NYC to Bogotá. The logo have the feeling of being a tag, That's the reason because it have too many variations.

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Me concernant

My name is David Espinosa. I'm graphic Designer and Advertiser. I have experience in the fields of Branding, Logo Design, Typography and Copy Writing.

$20 $ US / h