Fuzzy Logic from a TradeStation EasyLanguage Signal

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The below tests for a fuzzy truth value (between 0.0 and 1.0) to determine to what degree a trading condition is met. Using such, one can program trading systems & indicators that go beyond just yes and no and into the realm of maybe. This is very useful when dealing with complex rules, especially ones about which you may not be completely certain. It is very useful for ferreting out issues with your trading system rules. Rather than combining true and false with "and" & "or", one combines values between 0.0 (false) & 1.0 (true) with "MinList" (and) & "MaxList" (or). Notice the indentation. Doing indentation in this fashion makes it far easier to comprehend and correct complex logic statements. Notice that many lines are commented. Frequent comments make understanding and altering code much easier. I always comment complex or non-obvious statements, especially when someone else may need to understand them.

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99.4% Percentile Ranking on VWorker prior to Conversion to Freelancer.com. IQ: 157. ## BIO 17 years programming experience. For the last 3 years I've been creating websites, databases, accounting systems, and gateways for forex brokerages. 13 years experience programming indicators and strategies for day trading. 5 years experience creating inter-platform, intelligent, self-correcting, self-monitoring automated trading bots only requiring user action when connectivity was lost and couldn't be re-established. 5 years experience creating high speed trading strategy (model) optimization engines (1 optimization engine ran the same optimization 1 million times faster than TradeStation). 7 years experience day trading forex and futures markets. More recently I've been designing the backends of forex brokerages. Also 15 years experience creating computer games as a hobby: platform games, board games, card games, puzzle games. Also 12 years experience in sales (I owned a home decor store for many years). Hobbies include scuba diving, boating, game programming, graphic art, writing, Esperanto, and alternative energy and propulsion. ## Area of Expertise -Web: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL; several years of building backend systems for Forex brokerages including accounting systems, automatic mailers, login systems, data pages, etc. -Automated trading for the platforms: MetaTrader (MT4), TradeStation (Easylanguage and C++ dlls), Ninja Trader, MB Trading SDK, Gain Capital API, and MT. -Coding for Broker platforms: Leverate API, MT4 API (projects included creating a PAMM system that distributes profit among investors, automating creation of additional accounts, transferring funds, automated handling of trades, etc) Languages expertly known: PHP, C++, C#, C, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Visual Basic (.Net & VB6), Easylanguage, Ninjascript, Powerlanguage, MQL4. Graphics: Paintshop Pro, the Gimp. Know a little: Photoshop, 3D Studio Max.

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