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The Second World War forever altered the complexion of the British Empire. From Cyprus to Malaya, from Borneo to Suez, the dominoes began to fall within a decade of peace in Europe. Africa in the late 1940s and 1950s was energized by the grant of independence to India, and the emergence of a credible indigenous intellectual and political caste that was poised to inherit control from the waning European imperial powers. The British on the whole managed to disengage from Africa with a minimum of ill feeling and violence, conceding power in the Gold Coast, Nigeria and Sierra Leone under an orderly constitutional process, and engaging only in the suppression of civil disturbances in Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia as the practicalities of a political handover were negotiated.

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As a successful author on subjects of African History, Warfare and Politics, I have to date ten commercially published books in print, each enjoyed exceptional reviews. My writing style is extremely versatile, supported by exhaustive research and attention to detailed, coupled with an intuitive sense of situation and character that has consistently resulted in well received and commercially successful publications. I am, of course, widely traveled, and have written for my own and a number of other travel journals over the years. As a professional in the travel industry for most of my life, I am still very active as a mountain guide in Africa, and a speaker and storyteller at various venues, including regular expedition cruises. In general I am well read, widely educated and with proven and versatile research skills. I am available for work in biography, memoir history, politics, travel and conservation.

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