Masquerades Costume Hire

par caseyhodgkinson
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Masquerades Costume Hire Commercial 2012. Copyright Casey Hodgkinson

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Hi! I'm an ambitious Aussie guy with an interest in just about everything sound. I'm a drummer of 15+ years with a bunch of experience in mixing, recording, production and voice overs among other slightly more social activities like fishing, rock climbing and art. So far, I have worked in the sound industry for the last 15 years in various capacities. I have previously been a producer for some of Australia’s leading radio and broadcast networks including The Prime Radio Network and previously The Macquarie Media Network, producing and co-coordinating audio content for extensive metropolitan and regional networks within Australia as well as managing my own home studio. I pride myself on having an attention to detail on each and every project I undertake. Whether it be mixing FOH for a Festival Stage, Creating just the right modular synth sound for a new EDM track or simply editing a Kids podcast, I always enjoy what I do.

$20 $ US / h