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You should know to secure your computer from getting hacked by some remember if you follow these guidelines it will be extremely difficult for a hacker to enter into your PC and to hack your data. As today everything from banking, business, studies etc is online so the threat of being hacked is becoming more and more dangerous. Ok, so listed below are the steps you should follow. Do not disclose your IP address: This biggest mistake you could ever do, never disclose your IP address to anybody because ip address is the address of your computer. once the hacker knows the address of your computer it will be easy for him enter into your home(computer) and steal your accessories ( data and passwords). Do not download any suspicious software or attachments: A lot of people search for cracks and keygens online. Remember this is most exploited method used by the hackers to hack into the PC (personal computer) they usually attach a key logger or virus with the crack or the keygen. Once

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