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Omicron is a company providing professional-level customized solution for Web applications development and Software Development, The Omicron Team always focuses on clearly understanding your needs earlier than entering into costly development. full-featured online shopping stores, Software development, Client server technology. We design, manage, build and maintain high quality solutions for a wide range of businesses and individuals. We have built our business by working with clients to ensure the solutions we develop are profitable for them. We are a team of 150+ software professionals, php Dynemic Website Dynamic website boasts of changing its content, layout or the combination of the two depending on the user, time or interaction. So, fresh information is given out from the website from time to time and the scope to customise the offering of the website increases manifold. Dynamic websites are increasingly becoming popular by the day and customers and clients as well as netizens have grown a fetish for non static content and want everything customised to the greatest extent possible. Dynamic website is one of our specialities. We have been developing dynamic designs for websites for a long time and have already become a name in the industry. Our team consists of experts who specialise in Java Script, Action Script, DHTML and Flash technologies. Furthermore, we have specialists who may be consulted for the best presentation strategy of a dynamic website. Since presentation is of paramount importance, we have a host of special tools that enable us to deliver dynamic websites that are exclusive and exquisite as well. Clients can choose from a wide variety of plans that suits one best and multiple payment options are also available. One can even have a look at some of the dynamic websites we have prepared for our existing clients and get the feel of the quality of work we deliver and that too at highly affordable prices. Flash Web Design Omicron Info Solutions is a company that regarded as a specialist in the domain of flash web design. In an age of interactive technologies engulfing the human race in all walks of life from learning to media to information, one can hardly ignore the importance of flash web design while designing one's website. And whenever one thinks of using flash to design one's web pages, it is imperative that one zeroes in on Omicron - an organisation committed to delivering quality designs of web pages through the use of Flash. Our web designers are competent with various tools and techniques associated with Flash and their experience in creating varied web pages for hundreds of web pages give us unique competitive advantage over other similar companies offering flash web design services. We are proficient in working under strict deadlines and short timelines do not delimit our activities from including videos and animations in aplenty. Various maps, graphs and survey components are also added on request and our charges depend on the nature of services availed. Moreover, clients may ask for product or web page customisation and we are always ready to customise designs for our clients to provide users with a unique experience. For further details, get in touch with one of our Business Development personnel who would guide you with your queries and other allied activities. E-Commerce Web Design In the age of information technology, business cannot afford to lag behind by only carrying on in the physical mode. Today major business transactions take place on the internet and the addition of this new business channel has changed the way we conduct business for good. Ecommerce has become an integral part of our business lexicon and thus the website which has emerged as one of the leading sales outlets for organisations should upgrade itself to such standards that it seems compelling enough to customers to make purchase decisions on the internet. Ecommerce web design has therefore become an increasingly important aspect in this regard keeping in mind that on the internet one does not have the privilege to pursue customers with the help of salespeople. Ecommerce web design should be done in such a manner that it appears convincing to all target customers and people are impelled to make purchase decisions after taking a tour of the website. Thus various customisation and updation tools are necessary to respond to market changes swiftly. Moreover, the website should conjure an experience in the minds of the prospective customers. In keeping with these leading requirements, Omicron offers exclusive ecommerce web design solutions to its clients. The ecommerce web design activities are undertaken by experts in the field and at highly competitive prices. Static Web Design Though business is essentially a dynamic entity, not all businesses are equally dynamic. It is for those who hold steadfastly on the same brand image and positioning as well as product offerings that we have come up with various plans of static web design. The advantages to hiring our services for static web design activities are many and this particular web designing service is also meant for a select few, i.e. specific target audience. Our static web design enables our clients to reach out to the millions of customers all over the world at the lowest possible prices. For organisations that do not update their offerings regularly, this can pose to be one of the most feasible options. Coding these web pages is also easy and we have HTML experts who would love to oblige our clients with stunning designs in keeping with the specific requirements of our clients. This apart, our static web design helps end users to download brochures and allied goodies faster, even with slow internet connections. Since the process is much simpler and less gaudy, static web design is preferred by many of our clients who have already reaped huge benefits from a simple yet swift website. We have varied plans that can be further tailored as per the requirements of our clients and one may contact our sales personnel for further information in this regard. Logo & Banner Design Logo and banner design is one of our key services at Omicron Info Solutions. Given the fact that logos and banners are an integral part of the branding process, one cannot afford to get it done by any round the corner designer one has access to. The designer must understand the business, the objective the firm, the latest trends in logo designing and should also have access to graphic tools and designers who would give life to those ideas and amalgamate the objectives of the organisation and the specific requirements. Since logo and banner design is not one of those tasks that an organisation undertakes regularly, it is advisable that one take the help of professionals having years of experience in this particular domain. Various tools are available for magnifying the effects of the logos and banners and each in turn have scores of options to select from. So the role of the graphic designer becomes very important in this regard. To top it all the objective of the logo or that of the firm for which one is designing the logo or the banner has to be understood properly so as to come up with a suitable representation. This is where most designing companies fail. We understand the sensibilities of our clients and come up with original logo and banner design for our clients at affordable rates. Our logo and banner design activities also ensure that the mission and vision of the firm is reflected through the logo or the banners. Development ASP.Net is a web application and development technology that has been promoted by Microsoft Corp. It is used to develop dynamic web pages and has applications that suit varying needs. Its various applications include building non static web pages, websites as well as web services. ASP.Net has emerged as one of the most popular technologies used for creating web applications and web pages. In keeping with the growing demand for projects based on ASP.Net, we have employed an exclusive team of ASP.Net developers. Our team includes professionals having diverse exposure to ASP.Net development. Various specific application experts are also available with us. We have dedicated specialists for e-commerce applications like shopping carts and other desktop applications. Moreover, of the host of solutions that can be provided through ASP.Net development, we have personnel who not only develop .Net architecture, application migration, portal solutions as well as content management and a lot of other applications, we also expertise in .Net consulting. Other applications are also there. Our dedicated team is one of the most important reasons why hundreds of clients have chosen us. We offer various plans from which clients may choose the most befitting one and our rates are also very competitive and at par with the industry standards. PHP Development PHP is one of the most famous and frequently used programming languages for dynamic websites and other applications. The code for PHP development is basically embedded in the HTML core document and the web server with PHP processor module interprets it. This particular scripting language has found diverse applications and we at Omicron Info Solutions are not behind the industry standards in this regard, given the popularity and wide array of applications that can be performed through PHP development. The various applications of PHP include dynamic web pages, customer relationship management, social networking websites, ecommerce, portal development and website maintenance etc. Our purview of work on PHP includes all of these and many more. We are also into custom solutions for PHP development. Our work can be tailored as per the requirements of our clients. Our team of PHP developers are among the best in the industry and have already shown considerable expertise on the domain with their many works that have been generously applauded by our clients. Our list of clients is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to the level of output shown by our team of PHP developers. Since a wide variety of tasks can be performed through PHP development, we have introduced various rate charts that are made exclusively for select customers. Our rates are competitive and incumbent on the nature of tasks sought from us. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning has turned out to be one of the most useful software applications for any industry. It integrates information from various sources - both external and internal and ensures distribution of the same in an effective way so that the data is available to employees across the functions. The data is normally stored in a database which is normally referred to as a relational database system and in the contemporary world of information technology; access to right information has emerged as one of the key components of success. ERP facilitates various functions in an organisation including production planning, customer service, inventory management, purchase, marketing and sales activities, finance and human resources as well. So given the importance of ERP within the organisation, almost all companies have started implementing ERP systems. So in keeping with the huge demand for ERP, we have launched an exclusive set of services on the same. All the functions of the organisations are covered by us and customised solutions are also provided. We have a separate department dealing in these services and the members of the group are adept at various technicalities of this system. Their understanding of business activities coupled with in depth knowledge in these systems help us provide our customers with the best services in the domain of ERP at affordable costs. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Customer Relationship Management or CRM has emerged as one of the most important facets of business in recent times given the customer centric approach followed by the business community. Given the importance held by computers today in each and every walk of life and business being an integral part of it, CRM has been channelized through various software applications to make it more interactive and more responsive than ever. CRM software enables organisations to take better account of the billing procedures and sales generated, the sales activities in the pipeline, the likings and disliking of the customers and manipulating and aligning the company's communications with the same, creating better bonding with customers etc. Since CRM has such diverse applications, most companies have already joined the bandwagon and installed CRM software. However, not all software are equally effective. Omicron Info Solutions provides impeccable CRM software support that caters to all tiers of the business community. Our software on the one hand are prepared keeping in mind major situations that businesses face in CRM, while on the other, we also develop custom CRM solutions. Our team comprises specialists who not only have in depth knowledge into software development but also have considerable insight into dealing with and understanding of handling customers. The rates for these services vary and one may contact our business development team for further details of our CRM solutions plans. IPhone Application iPhone is a rage among the customers and one of the most coveted mobile handsets that anyone would like to own. So the business community has aligned its efforts to reach out to customers who are exclusively iPhone users in order to widen their customer base in an innovative manner. Mobile applications have been in the centre of attraction for quite some time; but iPhone development for enhancing business processes and coming up with richer and newer experiences only for iPhone users has caught the fancy of most companies in recent times. There are various applications within the domain of iPhone development. These include iPhone games development, business and sales applications, social networking, widgets, integration of web services, navigation and travelling tools, mobile website development and the like. We employ specialists in this field and our specialists have direct experience in working on these platforms. Our support service for iPhone development is also notable in this particular area. The rates for these services vary in congruence with the different plans that have been formulated by the management keeping in mind the complexity of the task as well as the nature of the service. Our business development personnel can be easily contacted for further queries and for chalking out the right plan that would meet the specific requirements of the client for iPhone development. Android Application One of the consumer products that has been quite a rage among customers throughout the world is the android mobile handsets. In congruence with the huge demand for supporting applications many a company has already flooded the market with their own range of products. However, marketers cannot be left behind and thus are engaged in developing various applications that are supported by the android phones. Android development has therefore come up as an emerging market for companies like us. We at Omicron Info Solutions would like to introduce ourselves as an emerging player in this particular market. We specialise in various products and applications related to android development. Our offerings range from web applications to ecommerce to various mobile website tools and the like. The various applications have wide usages and conform to international standards. The various platforms we deal in are also varied and we offer these in multiple packages. So the rates charged by us have direct reference to the package selected and clients even have the provision to go for custom solutions for these products. Scores of clients have already sought our help for android development and are more than happy with the services we have offered. Our team of developers consists of specialists who have direct exposure to developing solutions based on android. BlackBerry Application The global Blackberry mobile handsets market is immensely large and is growing by the day. So various Blackberry applications have been introduced in the market and we are not lagging behind in this regard and have come up with our own range of solutions for Blackberry development. Our Blackberry development solutions are majorly based on Java and can be extended to make application rich solutions loved by users. Various applications are possible in the domain of Blackberry development starting from games to enterprise applications to using various media and GPS navigation tools to create applications to other ecommerce tools. Thus the ambit of Blackberry development is huge and covers a whole lot of applications. In order to better serve our customers we have recruited a separate team of Blackberry Developers who only work on projects based on these platforms. All our developers are extremely dexterous in working with Java as well as these platforms required for developing applications for Blackberry. In addition to that, the multiple projects we have already done have also given them the extra edge over many of our competitors. The rates are incumbent on the services taken and we also bid for tailor made solutions for developing Blackberry applications. Symbian Solution Symbianapp development has gained ground after Nokia used this particular platform for their version of smart phones. Since Nokia is one of the biggest players in the mobile handsets market all over the world, the market for Symbian applications have also proliferated in a likewise manner. We at Omicron Info Solutions have also launched our set of product offerings for Symbianapp development that caters to leading organisations all over the world and we have been successful in capturing sizeable portions of the market. Our Symbianapp development applications are normally based on .Net, Java, C and C++ languages. The rich applications provide a unique experience to the users. The myriad applications we prepare can also be divided into various offerings like multimedia based applications, GPS enabled applications, Bluetooth based applications etc for supporting audio, video content and fast streaming of data. Our experts in Symbianapp development have been handpicked so that we end up employing the best in the industry. They not only develop applications based on these platforms, they are adept at developing these applications as per the budgets of our clients. This gives us an extra edge over others and has already made the preferred choice for many of our clients who have exhibited customer loyalty when it comes to developing Symbian applications. Windows Hosting The web hosting companies listed on this page provide Windows web hosting services. Windows web hosts offer web hosting plans that run on that Windows Server (Windows 2003, Windows 2008) platform and support Microsoft programming languages such as .ASP and .NET. Current versions of Windows Server also support PHP. In addition, the Windows platform supports the use of MS Access and MSSQL databases alongside a range of other Solutions developed by Microsoft. Dedicated Hosting A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. Server administration can usually be provided by the hosting company as an add-on service. In some cases a dedicated server can offer less overhead and a larger return on investment. Dedicated servers are most often housed in data centers, similar to collocation facilities, providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems Linux Hosting Linux Web Hosting allows a company to build its web sites by using the Linux Operating System. Using this platform for web development gives companies the flexibility to take advantage of the best and most popular open-source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML. The Linux Website Hosting is an open-source variation of the Unix Operating System Shared Hosting Experience a stable shared hosting environment with Omicron Info Solutions India web hosting services, we offers a choice between linux and windows operating systems for hosting websites on shared servers. Shared hosting plans are appropriate for small to medium sized websites. Omicron Info Solutions Hostings C panel Shared Web Site Hosting is easy to use and designed with the novice in mind, complete with free web site creator builder, yet open and feature rich for even the most experienced site owner to have full control over how they operate their web site. What is Google Adwords? Google Adword is a unique service provided by Google that benefits the marketing activities of organisations. The solutions offered by Google are simple to use and have proven results. The basic premise of Adword is to advertise one's products and services on the search engine in the "Sponsored Links" column once someone searches for the same keywords. So keywords are of paramount importance in the context of Google Adword. Omicron Info Solutions specialise in keyword formulation and writing articles and write ups on the same so that the possibility of prominence of one's advertisements are maximised in Google. Google Adword also allows for contextual targeting - something we are experts at. We have marketing specialists on board who ideate various strategies for targeting solely the target customers on the internet thereby increasing the chances of better results of these marketing efforts. We also help our clients to formulate strategies so that they can minimise their costs while advertising through Google adword and getting the maximum outputs. Our service package may also include suggestions on the display so as to make the advertisement more conspicuous. Network placements also augment the chances of prominence of these advertisements. The charges for these services vary as per the solution and services wanted. All queries may be directed to our business development department. Search Engine Submission The fundamental concept of search engine submission is based on the fact that websites must be registered on the leading search engines so that it increases the visibility of these websites. Search engines normally use crawl, spider and other strategies to discover web pages. However in order to augment the chances of getting discovered, websites do not wait for search engines to come to them and make alternative arrangements which are called search engine submission. Though there are only two major ways by which companies submit their websites to the leading search engines, we at Omicron Info Solutions have been working on these lines for a long time and have acquired insights into this area by dint of our perseverance, diligence and the talents we have hired. The two major ways to search engine submission are sitemap and home page and these are the two basic things that have to be submitted to the search engine so that they include these websites on their list and rankings. Our team of strategists formulate sitemaps and home pages in such ways that even if our work is restricted to these two styles, the results yielded by our efforts are much better than any of our competitors. As for the rates, they vary as per the nature of service chosen by the clients. Search Engine optimization: Search Engine Optimisation has been hailed as the most effective technique to ameliorating the popularity of websites. Companies have therefore rigorously engaged in search engine optimisation activities in order to better the visibility of their websites and web pages. The reason for such importance is apparent - today's business is highly dependent on the internet, the medium is by far the most cost effective and can be used to reach out to the largest number of customers, boundaries of nations notwithstanding. So the benefits accrued in investing in SEO activities have prompted firms to indulge in these aspects. Search Engine Optimisation is done through the use of coming up with the right keywords and link builders so that the search engines show a particular website or web page whenever someone searches with the same keywords. This concept has been used by companies like us to develop various strategies. However, not all companies have the acumen to utilise search engine optimisation strategies beneficially. We at Omicron Info Solutions have the knowhow as well as the personnel who are capable of developing the right keywords, linkbuilders and strategies that prove to be truly effective. The rates for these services differ according to the nature of work required. For queries related to charges, please contact our Business Development Team. KeyWord Building Keyword building is the most important strategy in Search Engine Optimisation activities. If the keyword is not correctly identified, then the entire effort may prove to be a futile exercise. So SEO specialists ensure that the first step to SEO activities is identifying the right keywords. Keywords are essential since people search for a particular product, service or information on the internet using keywords. So marketers must think of ways to comprehend the right keywords that work and entice the customers to their website. Keyword building is a rather technical task requiring the knowhow of various software and other allied tools. And then of course, the right balance has to be struck since over optimisation of the keywords may lead to negative results on the most popular search engines. So given the nuances of the task, it is best left to experts in this field like us. Omicron Info Solutions is one of the foremost players in the category of keyword building and have been involved in this domain for quite some time. Our keyword building experts have the knowledge of various tools related to this and also are well versed in various other techniques that help them strike the correct balance of keywords. Again, the rates we charge depend on the extensiveness of the service sought. Sitemap Submission Search Engine Optimisation may be a very popular tool for enhancing web traffic and ensuring that the advertisements one places on the internet are effective by building links and searching for the right keywords. However, in order to make a proper entry into the most popular search engines, one has to create one's website strategically. This process of creating the website in such a way that it is easily accessible from the search engines and that any of the pages can be accessed from the search engine is a unique quality that truly increases the chances of more flow in web traffic into one's website. This is generally done through the inclusion of sitemaps of websites. Websites with sitemaps are more prone to accessibility through search engines and therefore naturally become more effective. However, sitemap submission also entails techniques not known to most SEO specialists. Sitemap submission requires the knowledge of tools otherwise not known to many of the clients or even web developers. Therefore, despite all their efforts, the endeavours do not bring expected results. Omicron Info Solutions help clients with issues related to sitemap submission. We not only do it for our clients, firms or websites that have already done these also take our help to change it to make it much more effective. The charges for sitemap submission vary as per the plans chosen. Offshore Development Centre An Offshore Development Center or ODC is a dedicated development center located in India for software development, testing and support activity. The purpose to have an ODC is to take advantages of the various technical skills available in India, cost advantages and minimize time-zone diffrence on production. We can assist a client in setting up an Offshore Development Center, wherein to start with, will first run ODC under our company. We assist in the operations of the ODC, providing the resources for development work, managing the ODC and complete lifecycle of Software Development. This frees the client from worry of the day-to-day operations of the ODC. Offshore Software Development Process Our Offshore Software Development Process is most important aspect to effectively implement the Offshore Outsourcing and obtain the benefits of Offshore Software Development in terms of cost efficiency and flexibility. A team of system and software analysts led by a Technical Director carry out the initial requirements definition and analysis in consultation with the customer. The design, development is carried out at the offshore development center in India led by Project Manager and the implementation is done finally after state of the art testing team affirmation. Offshore Software Product Development One of the biggest challenges faced by companies (from early stage ventures to established ISVs), is the long lead time to transform an idea into a reality. This lag can cause innovators to mistimed their market entry or, worse, enable their competitors be the first to launch their products! Silver Touch Outsource Software Product Development (OSPD) service solves these challenges by helping both start-up and established companies rapidly converts their concepts into complete software products. Offshore software product development is primarily a means of leveraging an expert organization's resources and infusing new thought, skills and expertise, while reducing time to market. Offshore Product Development is the obvious remedy to the current market scenario where technology, skills and approaches are momentary. This volatility nature of technology, skills and methodologies can be converted into an advantage by outsourcing the product Development. IT Staff Augmentation Under Staff Augmentation Services, we offer skilled and highly qualified IT Professional as per your temporary or permanent requirements. IT Staff augmentation services available for as low as 1 month requirements for 1 resource to 5 Years staffing agreement on various skill set. We also allow our customer to use multiple skills simultaneously as per the contract signed. Global Application Delivery Model A complete delivery and support model, with global network of resources, technology and best-in-class processes which can maximize your investment value. The key elements of our Global Application Delivery Model are: System/Information Engineering and Modelling Software Requirement Analysis System Analysis and Design Intelligent Project Management Knowledge Management Code Generation Testing Maintenance Offshore Engagement Model Hourly basis : This is the most preferred method where hourly rates are most desirable for the small projects or where the specifications clearly indicate the working hours required for the project. Our hourly rates are very attractive and plenty of resources are available in Microsoft .NET and LAMP technologies. Project basis : If you have the clear specification and ready RFP document, we offer very attractive rates for execution of entire project. Customer can take advantage of fix cost and fix price for the Project. We provide web based transparent project management interface on the project. Contract basis / Managed facility : Silver Touch has excellent infra-structure facilities and work environment for offshore project execution. Our office is equipped with latest HT based PC, Workstation and Server Farm with 24 hours backup facility and Internet gateway. We provide physical security, Computer security, Access Control system, protection of customer data and IPR. Silver Touch extends Contract basis manpower to Offshore Development Centre (ODC) for your organization. Customer can hire 1 person to 10 persons simultaneously as per the requirements ranging from 3 months to 1 year. We offer very attractive rates for longer period of Contract. We provide various levels of skill set ranging from Microsoft .NET, Java, Embedded / Mobile technology, LAMP. Resources are from 2 years to 10+ years of experience in Software Development in cutting edge technology. Onsite Consulting : For complex project execution, knowledge transfer and short term requirements of the consultant, we provide onsite consulting services. We send most experienced resources with knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and customer interaction thoroughfare within onsite for project execution. All the expenses for VISA, traveling and lodging/boarding is borne by the customer, however we charge for offshore development, and provide the price advantage to the customer. Hire Dedicated PHP Web Programmers Weblineindia team is highly qualified and skilled offshore php programmer's offers large range of OPEN SOURCE (MY SQL, PHP) programming services. At Weblineindia, we give you facility to Hire PHP Developers, Dedicated PHP Programmers according to your requirements. Hire Open Source Developers Weblineindia open source developer work on customization of open source cms (content management system) to meet offshore client's requirements. Our open source programmer offers customized solutions for open source cms and ecommerce site to shrink business intricacy and cost to the business. Hire ASP.Net Developer Weblineindia is providing web designing, web site development and search engine optimization services in India and offshore clients. Our Web development experts are very professional, creative and dedicated having proven experience in ASP.Net, .Net Framework 2.0, 3.5, 4, Silverlight, SharePoint, WCF, WF and WFP segment. J2EE Application development [login to view URL] with it strong IT experience in Architecture (OOAD), Design (OOD), Development and Support in various business sectors provides proven Offshore development/deployment with Global Delivery model solutions using J2EE platform expertise on Windows and Unix operating system. We have a team of hardworking, motivated and committed skilled professional and requisite infrastructure to help us achieve technically advanced and customer oriented solutions. Hire Dedicated SEO Experts Hiring dedicated and professional SEO Experts is one of the most convenient options for the offshore companies who are seeking dedicated SEO professionals/SEO consultants to work dedicatedly for the search engine optimization and website promotion of their multiple website projects so that they can focus on their business development or core business. Hire website designer Are you looking for online business success? A well-designed, profession looking website can do this for you as it allow you to set professional identity and stable online presence. Hire web designer from Weblineindia and enhance your website to achieve targeted audience and gain business goal. The web designers at Weblineindia are skilled in designing XHTML/Web 2.0 site designs. 2D Animation Omicron with 2D Animations separation offers 2D Animation services and plus 3D Animation services, Product Visualization and Interior Rendering. Omicron is a consistent, specialized and highly imaginative company with a confirmed pathway record in animation production. We have the enthusiasm and dedication to fetch any 2D animated project incredible to life. We concentrate in all type of 2D animated production. We have prosperity of knowledge and merge of brilliant animators, designers and illustrators that gives Omicron the aptitude to generate such a selection of animated work from pre-school 2D animated instructive visual works to Mythological 2D Film Development. We provide the option of 2D or 3D computer animation and can work with photos or images in a 3D atmosphere to generate stunning 2D or 3D fly through. Our innovative heads turn out idiosyncratic and thrilling theme of animations that remain interest for any age individual. The Animators Team of Omicron has exceedingly flourishing track record of animation projects carry out for Film and Television. Omicron is a 2D animation and 3D animation company which makes 3D Modeling for domestic and global clients. Anything from effortless models for computer games to difficult natural models. 3D Animation Omicron is an innovative and creative 3D Animation Company based in India. We outshine a team of professional 3D animators specialized in 3D Character animation, 3D floor plans, 3D rendering, Walkthrough animation, architectural designing, creating 3D models, animated marketing presentations and animated logos. Animate your imaginations and distinguish them getting real; Omicron is at your service. Now get your website talking, heartbreaking and communicating with the out-of-the-box creative 3D animations! Make your own significance conveying style and make a separate position in the crowded world of Internet. Omicron, the leading 3D animation company, bring to you 3D modeling, 3D graphics, 3D floor plans, walkthrough animation, character animation and lots of other animations at one single place. Liferay Liferay is an open source portal saliently for enterprises that primarily help corporate and other organisations. The help is mainly extended to organisational intranets and extranets. The program has been written using Java and the distributed under the licence offered by GNU Lesser General Public Licence. The salient feature of Liferay is the portlets it offers. These in turn offer features that are normally found in websites and at times serve as a web application framework and even a content management framework. Since it allows plugins, so, various programming languages can be used for plugins. We at Omicron Info Solutions would like to project ourselves as experts of Liferay activities. Our team of experts are adept at each and every possible activity that can be performed with this particular open source portal. All our experts have years of experience in this domain and have proven track records of facilitating organisational functions with the help of open source portals. Since various tasks can be performed with the help of Liferay, thus many plans also exist at our end thereby helping our potential clients to better understand the differences between the various packages as well as enable to pay for only the services one avails. Also, custom services are available on request.

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