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benifits of protien .protien is needed to repair our body muscle an cells it also helps to build muscle for bodybuilders as well as normal people .its very important to our bones to grow .when eating protien foods such as chicken ,fish,chana,eggs,steak.should avoid carbohydrate food such as bread ,rice,potato etc..because carbohydrate fills the stomch an dosent allow protien or any other vitamins an minerals to do its job .most of the asian,s are unhealthiyer due to this reason .in europe ,american countries ,russia,australia an newzeland they eat a propper diet which means 75% important nutrients such as protien vitamins an minerals an 25 % carbohydrate foods such as potato an bread .

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im arushan .im 18 years old ,im studying msu university colombo im doin hospitality an d tourism managment degree ,i do mma ,i love stressing my self ,i eat alot ,i hate reading books .but love watching movie,i wiegh 170pounds .im tan in colour .i love srilanka an india because i havent been to anyother countries.i actually dont have any hobby ,when it comes its eating love food but hate sugar .i hate the new android world an i hate apple company love samsung ...thats it for now .i schooled in american international [login to view URL] gona tel u a story .there was a boy called akbar he had two children s one daughter an d one son ,son ,name was bakka an daughter,s names rohini .bakka was a bad guy beacause he always have link with terorist but daughter

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