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1. Bloomfield GS, Hogan JW, Keter A, Sang E, Carter EJ, Velazquez EJ, Kimaiyo S. Hypertension and obesity as cardiovascular risk factors among HIV seropositive patients in Western Kenya. PLoS ONE. 2011; 6(7):e22288 2. Keter AK, Otieno AR and Kinyanjui JK, Sample size for a randomized paired screen positive design, JP Journal of Biostatistics , 2011 Volume 6 Issue 2 3. Braitstein P, Siika A,Hogan J, Kosgei R, Sang E, Sidle J, Wools-Kaloustian K, Keter A, Mamlin J and Kimaiyo S: A clinician-nurse model to reduce early mortality and increase clinic retention among high risk HIV-infected patients initiating combination antiretroviral treatment, Journal of the International AIDS Society 2012, 15:7 First article, I performed descriptive analysis as well as modelling using logistic regression model. Second article, derived a formula for sample determination. The third one, survival analysis using weighte Cox Ph model.

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Over 5 years of statistical data analysis and consultancy. Mainly working with observational data as well as clinical trials design and data analysis. Has offered consultancy on sample size and power determination for a wide range of study designs. Worked for close to four years (3 years 11 months) with survey data and doing analysis and consultancy in this field. Has lectured mathematics and statistical courses in two public universities in Kenya. -Knowledgeable and excellent in using SPSS, SAS, Stata and R. I have skills in data management, Survival data analysis, Clinical trials data analysis, Categorical data analysis, Multilevel (Hierarchical) and Longitudinal modeling, Sample surveys data collection techniques and analysis, Sample size and power determination, significance testing using parametric and nonparametric methods of data analysis, Bayesian estimation and data simulation.

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