iPhone/iPad IOS Game - Pop Numbers

par Airdrie17
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This enjoyable app provides a fun and engaging way to practice maths and numbers sense with ease. Pop Numbers is for ages 6 and up, but is challenging and fun even for adults. The levels are: 1) ? (Inifinity) - Try and get the highest ever total! Avoid the low and negative numbers and concentrate on grabbing the BIG ones! 2) > (Greater Than) - To progress the levels you will need to get a higher total than the target shown. 3) = (Equal To) - This time you will need to aim to get a total that is exactly the same as the target! 4) INSANE - you may not be ready for this! This level will drive you to insanity... oA fun and engaging maths app exclusively for the App Store o4 Fun and Engaging levels to play and learn oImproves multiplication, addition, and subtraction skills. oMonths of continuous enjoyment and learning oCompetitive leaderboards

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