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The greatest achievement of mankind has been the ability to use words, there by forming language since pre-historic era man has used as an effective medium to express himself. The role that language plays in the progress and intellectual evolution of humans cannot be over emphasized. Language has enabled us to understand and preserve ancient science ,art and literature and at the same time served for further researches in various fields. Words have been the most important tools of millions of thinkers and revolutionaries who have brought about for-reaching changes in a riddled with dogmas . When words are used to portray day-to-day problems, everyday happenings and information regarding the on-going activities of the present time ,it is called journalism or in other words it can be said that the most revolutionary form of words is journalism. The aim of journalism is to reach out to all section of the society and provide a platform for new ideas thoughts and the changing face of the wo

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To constantly strive towards perfection in my field through complete dedication and hard work.

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