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I was hired to write a feature article for Fort Lauderdale magazine, the Vanity Fair of South Florida, January 2013. The article is a heartwarming and humorous story about going through the loss of an old dog and adopting a new, young dog. Sample: "And so Wembley became our dog. But not my dog. Our dog. Well, our son, Jack's dog. His best friend. Her name was his first word. He talks about her all day. He won't go to bed unless he's said good night to Wembley. And it's not all one-sided. The most exciting part of her day is 4 o'clock when the garage opens and that kid who breaks the "no feeding from the table" rule struts in. He throws the ball for her, shares his toys with her, he doesn't mind when she chews his farm friends' faces off. He yells at her, "OUT" and for her part, she doesn't move, she just looks at him as if to say, "Oh you! You're so funny with your bossy voice and no pants on."

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