Reports automation for 3d-printing startup

par RaulBlanko

The goal of the project was to automate routine tasks of 3d-printing studio: for every item in list of models - to get product costs and sell prices - to get model sizes and volumes for diffrernt scales with diffrernt parameters - to create csv report for online store Thus the program allows to get all necessary information about any number of 3d-models in different scales with custom parameters and create report for online store.

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- Data mining and web scraping using Python - Providing and using API (REST, GraphQL) - Any web automation, search automation using Selenium Webdriver - Data exploring and processing, tasks and processes automation using Python - Data converting from/to XLSX, JSON, XML, PDF, DOCX, etc. - Desktop applications, Windows applications using PyQT - SQL, NoSQL Database integration: MongoDB, MySql, MariaDB, etc. Data exploring & statistical analysis using R and Python: Scipy, Numpy, Pandas - Linear regression - Logistic regression - Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient - Spearman's rank correlation coefficient - Kendall tau rank correlation coefficient - Pearson's chi-squared test - Fisher's exact test - Student's t-test - Mann - Whitney U-test - Analysis of variance (ANOVA) - Kruskal-Wallis test - Cluster analysis - Principal component analysis, etc. I would be pleased to consider proposals for long-term projects!

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