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800 word article about the life and inner workings of one of the greatest film directors of all times. Written in 5 hours, including research.

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I have more than 12 years' experience working for the film and television industry, helping writers create successful screenplays. As a Story Analyst for several studios I have contributed to the development of about 60 feature films. My commitment to the education and promotion of up-and-coming screenwriting talent lead me to create a successful screenwriting course at the Short & Documentary film school in Copenhagen, Denmark. This course has consistently helped writers across Scandinavia sell their screenplays to major studios. My screenplay analyses are the most detailed in the business and continues to be a valuable tool for the many successful writers that have used them. I take great pride describing the specifics of why something doesn't work. "Second act problems "is not an accurate enough term for me. My story notes address the root and cause of the problems so as to enable a speedy development process between Writer and Producer.

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