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Pictured is a small section of results scraped from a basic eCommerce site. In this specific case, quantity was not displayed on the page (either displayed 'In Stock' or 'Out of Stock'), so the employer requested the value to be set as 0 for out of stock, x for in stock. The image column consists of only a single image per product, saved locally. However, multiple images can be saved per product and can be listed in a column as an array with ease. Descriptions can be saved with or without HTML included. The scraper for this was written in Python, and source was provided to the employer to run through Crontab. The scraper automatically gathers every category link, goes through each category's pagination to grab product links, and then scrapes the necessary details from each product link. eCommerce scraping is a very familiar field to me - if you have a site you need scraped, I can do it.

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My name is Branden, and I've been programming since the age of ~13. Soon after I started, I grew fond of automation - I realized that I had so much fun watching something automatically happen on my screen. But even more than that, I got the most fun when it was something I made. Whether it be a simple pixel bot clicking around a game, or a complex scraper outputting a stream of data for me to view, it's always given me the same feeling of joy, and I strive to get that feeling every day. I've worked with many, many clients on a wide range of projects, and done hundreds of personal projects for myself. Every automation project is a unique challenge that I find thrilling. I love speed-coding, and in fact I often complete an entire scraper and sample set before even bidding on a project, confident that it is 10 minutes for me but 1 week for other Freelancers. Let's discuss your needs - web scraping, data mining, scrapers, bots, pixel tools, messaging tools. I can do it all.

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