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What to Do after Posting a Project

Now that you have posted your project and are starting to get bids, we recommend these steps to get the most out of the bids, to choose the best freelancer, and to get the work started.


● Review the bids.


Compare the freelancers’ bid amounts and timelines. Which ones match your expectations? Read their written bid proposals. Here, they will claim their expertise regarding the subject and explain the way in which they will perform the tasks to complete the project. Who among them have a clear understanding of what you need done?


You will notice that there is a recommended bidder on your list. This freelancer is selected based on all the bidders' reviews and experience on similar projects. Note that this is only a recommendation, and it is still up to you to decide whom to award the project.


If you are overwhelmed with the number of bids, you can streamline by rating the quality of each bid, adding notes only you can see, and hiding the ones you do not consider for the project.



● Check the bidders’ profiles.


Get to know the bidders, their qualifications, the quality of their work, and their previous clients' experiences on working with them.


Go to their profile page by clicking their photo or their name. Check their overall ratings from previous jobs, profile summary, portfolio, reviews, and certifications.



Invite more freelancers to bid.


If you want to get more bids, browse the Browse Freelancers page to look for expert freelancers. You can filter your search by skills and location. You can invite them to bid on your open project by following the steps outlined here.



● Chat the freelancers.


Do not hesitate to message a bidder if you need more information about them or their plans for the project. Also, some bidders may have further questions about what you need done. Just click the Chat button on their bid card to contact them.


For your protection, keep all communications within the site



● Award and fund the project. 


Once you find the bidder who has gained your confidence to get the work done, award them the project by clicking the Award button on their bid. Then, fund the project by creating Milestone Payments



● Get a Recruiter.


If you’re having difficulties finding the right freelancer, we have expert Recruiters who will look for the perfect freelancer for you. Read more about the Recruiter project upgrade here.


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