Comment pouvons-nous vous aider ?

Projects in violation of our Terms and Conditions makes sure all posted projects are legitimate. We do not allow projects with content that may harm the business operation or reputation of, or cause possible loss of the services of its suppliers.


The following projects violate our Terms and Conditions. Clients should not post projects of this nature.


  • Advertisements

  • Asking for/generation of fake likes, views, followers, reviews, votes, downloads, comments

  • Buying or selling of end-products

  • Captcha Projects: bypass, keylogger, etc

  • Cloning

  • Contains racist or discriminating remarks

  • Craigslist projects

  • Creation, buying, or selling of accounts

  • Creation of bots for cheating, bypassing, or circumventing of systems

  • eBay spamming

  • Clients looking for work

  • Hacking, reverse-engineering, skimming, cracking, clickjacking, decompiling, Cryptowall, or dropper software

  • Falsification of documents, removing watermarks

  • Javascript injection

  • Money-transfer and money-exchange or cryptocurrency-exchange projects

  • Pornography or obscene projects

  • School assignments, university projects, theses, dissertations, online exams, online interviews, etc.

  • Silent doc exploit/FUD (fully undetectable)

  • Selling of stolen scripts


If you’re a freelancer and you’re wondering if you can sell ready-made solutions, the answer is yes. This is as long as your client agrees to this, and you have proper rights to sell the solution.


If you encounter projects with similar nature as the ones listed above, report them to us by clicking the Report Project link found on the Details page of the project, below the Bookmark Project option.




Refer to our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct to know more. If you have further queries, scroll down and click Contact Us.


Note: Project fees associated with projects in violation of our Terms and Conditions are non-refundable.

As a freelancer, it is important that you are able to spot the red flags and early warning signs of these projects. Read here to know more.

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