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Ordering Freelancer Services

Freelancer Services are ready-made work with a pre-set budget and timeline that you can order anytime.


1.  Go to the Freelancer Services page.



You can access this page by going to your profile page. Select the My Services tab, then click Browse More Services.


2.  Select the service that you want to order.



3.  Click Order Now from the Authorise Payment modal to add funds for the service price. A Milestone Payment will be automatically created from it. If there is no balance on your account, you will be redirected to the Add Funds page.


The Milestone Payment will remain pending until you release it.




Once payment is authorised, a project will be posted for your service order, which will then be awarded to one of the service’s providers. You can access the service from your My Projects table and release the Milestone Payment from the service’s project page.


When you release the Milestone Payment, the service provider will be charged a service fee of 20%. We recommend releasing the payment only when the full service is provided and you are 100% satisfied with it.


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